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Aug 15, 2012
France, near Lyon
Here is MotoGT, a Topdown action motorbike game.


Note that the give is quite memory hungry, so you will probably need a swapfile on CC, and it may be not really playable anyway due to the swapping.

Also, you may want to reduce the SFX detail (especially if you are not on a Gigahertz model), or the rainy circuit may be too slow to be fun.

History log

Build 02

  • Fresh build
  • Updated libs (gl4es)
Build 01

  • Initial build
  • Many resizing of screen
  • Some Pandora adaptation
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Good job. I wonder why such really simple games can be so resource intensive...
Good job. I wonder why such really simple games can be so resource intensive...
The actual track is a very large bitmap, splitted in sub bitmap, and builded by the software at 1st run. To avoid long 1st load time, I prerendered all of them (at the expense of the size)...
If not 'proper' texture compression, from the screenshot something like RGB565 looks like it might work reasonably (or RGBA4444 if there is alpha on overlay layers).
Maybe it should be in the Arcade category like F1 spirit, not in Simulation and Strategy...
Yeah I hesitate. But arcade is super full, and simulation almost empty. I can still change category at next release...
'Action' is not nearly as full as 'arcade' is on my Pandora. I did once try to write .ovr files for all the things in the 'arcade' category which weren't arcade games, or ports of them, but I gave up - there are just too many!

Edit: Or apparently there's a 'sportsgame' category. I don't recall anyone using that yet.
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I have updated the build on the repo. There is no newer sources, but it use newer libs (like latest gl4es) and it's built with gcc 7.1 (it's GPU limited anyway).
Seems to run fine on Gigahertz. I think you still need a swapfile on CC (or maybe change the SGX graphics driver).

Build 02

  • Fresh build
  • Updated libs (gl4es)
Yeah, a bit difficult at start, but all in all a pleasant game (and there is not much motorbike games, or topdown racing games).