Lets Start Seeding Some Gp32 Files!

yuujin posted on Sep 26 2004 at 11:21 AM said:
but sharing non-licensed anime isn't really a crime so maybe sharing anime is a starting point? it would be really nice to download instead of encoding (i'm using a 500mhz pc).

I'd be happy to put them on GP32 theatre, as long as they're not liscensed and legal and everything. Also, I can do the converting if needed (I'm on a fast PC, so it does the encoding in less than half the time it takes to play it)
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spongebue posted on Sep 26 2004 at 05:04 PM said:

I would've kept foldershare on, but when I told my dad about it, he was afraid of getting trojans or viruses on his computer (which is a separate box... even if it is on the same network) through that program. Back to square one to figure out what to do, I guess :rolleyes:
I guess your gonna have to give me FTP access now. I also have another reason

Not enough people used my torrent tracker to get a decent speed so being a true part of this would once again make me feel special. And stop me posting on these board as much as I would be busy uploading.
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today i ll open a DC ++ (direct connect ) hub ...

you all could join it if you want !