LCD Screen Not Turning On


Still Fresh
Oct 1, 2008
Hey everyone,

I have just received my Pandora and I decided to apply a ZAGG Invisible Shield screen protector (a left over part I had laying around from the PSP Slim full body cover). Some of the application fluid must have gotten into the LCD screen/case when I was flattening out the air bubbles under the screen protector as the LCD no longer turns on. When I tried to boot it up, I got the power LCD but the screen remained black/off and I heard cracking sounds from the LCD, so I pulled the battery for now. From what I understand, the application fluid is composed mostly of water. In the end, I removed the screen protector as it wasn't worth the trouble and didn't fit as well as I would have liked it to (since it was a left over part from the full body cutout, after all). -_-

Any advice on what I should do? (e.g. wait until it dries out, try to disassemble to get at the LCD screen to remove the water, etc.)
I also applied one of those screen protector with application fluid. I followed the instruction and did not have a problem. I removed the battery and leave it to dry for about a day I think.

In your case it seems like a though one. The noise especially seems to indicate something bad happened and I would imagine there is a good chance it the LCD or at least some parts are dead.

Concerning opening the case to remove the water... well just leave your Pandora to dry out for 1day or 2 and you'll be pretty sure there is no liquid in there anymore.

I would not recommend to open it if you're not very used to dealing with electronics... it seems like the screen and the part around the hinge is not something can be accessed that easily.

So really, I would just leave it to dry and test it again afterward. If it still doesn't work your only chance would be to send it back to Craig or Evildragon for repair. I imagine they would probably agree to fix it for a fee.
I, too have applied a ZAGG Invisible Shield screen protector with no hiccups, but was initially scared of water going into the LCD.

Hope yours completely dries out soon.