January Official Release


Nov 18, 2005
does anyone know when the official release date is?

i remember near the start of december everyone saying it was in january and then its not been mentioned again ive been waiting till then to order mine (well partly that and because i didnt have the money to get the pre-release till now)
I'd say just order it now. Any "official" release will just have more complete firmware, which you will be able to upgrade too if you order now too. You don't have to buy an officially released unit to have anything better than what people have now.
i cant really see what will happen on an official release date..

GPH announce "woo, the gp2x has been released! go and buy it now from the retailers who you could already buy it from before today and get the exact same unit!"
Are you sure it's not already had an official release? I mean, i've seen adverts for the GP2X in two magazines already (namely Edge and Linux User & Developer). If by official, you mean available in high street shops, well i can't imagine that ever happening.
Mr Doctor posted on Dec 27 2005 at 04:05 AM said:
Didnt Craigix say there *was* no "official" release date?

No, I beleive that was David from GP32z. And I'm pretty sure he'd be right, I think Lik-Sang made it up to scare people off until they could get stock.
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If the "official release" has already started in november or whatever, then why are most distributors getting their units from januari 2006 and you're only able to pre-rder a unit? <_<