I've Finished My Torrent Site

suprnova have lots of mirrors in lots of countries. And despite the closure of torrentse, bytemonsoon (initially) and share reactor, it's still harder to shut down a site that deals strictly in links to files, not files themselves.
just make sure you get rid of any (highly) illegal torrents on there and get rid of the spelling mistakes in your disclaimer (or write a better one, if you are gonna have one at all)...

I don't think they are going to sue for tv episodes and the like (and perhaps add something about only downloading the files if you own them)...
GP32 Torrents
I am not responsible for any of the material on this torrent tracker.The material on this site is for back up purposes only and you must own the original copy ot the material where required. I moderate as best I can but sometimes people can upload torrents that I have not had time to check and delete if it is not appropriate. If you are an employee of any government company to may not go any further.The users take full responsibility for the material they add to the tracker. If you agree to these terms and conditions you may click on the link below to continue. If you do not please close this window.

it should be "you may not go any further" not to may not go any further..
come on. there is noone seeding those torrents. - who should download them this way?

you need users for the torrent system.
Somebody needs to make an FTP. Its better i thinks :)

I got a lot of Southpark and The Simpsons encoded, but if they dont get seeded anyway, why uploading ?

I was talking with another Dutch GP32 owner, and he said he would like an GPCinema FTP. I think that's a great idea, and i got a lot of movies, but i haven't got a good upload. My upload is 15kbyte/s and my download is 320kbyte/s so.........

I'll wait until there's an GPCinema FTP (or until september, then my upload goes up) because the torrent thing is not realy good <_<
Wait to abot 6pm GMT time. There was loads on especially that sonic one!
I uploaded about a gig of that. Cellsplitter says its legal, so I believe him. Anyway I thought you were going to stick to my forum for stuff about theis?
Anyway my upload is rubbisher than yours. Or about the same.
I'm pretty ignorant on the technicalities of P2P sharing, so please ignore this post if it makes little sense.

However, it seems to me that this is a far more complicated way to share files. Servers have to be up and going etc. Why don't people simply agree to use something like LimeWire then there is no need to worry if any particualr server is up at any time. There is no central base that is being worried about. And if Sam was to stay up for most of the time then all the stuff in his shared folder would be available along with anyone else that was up at that point in time.

Just my simple thoughts.
if you used limewire ther would be no way you could stop it from being filled with warez.... (and once that happens there would be no going back, + how would you be able to tell what is for the GP32 and what isn't...)

and download speeds on bittorrent can technically be faster....