US/Canada Open Pandora Platinum ReBirth Edition & 1GHZ Free US Shipping UPS Ground


I'll probably come back for the carnival with some friends. That was so huge !
Its nice that you open an US store. Next time I'm looking for a Pondora I will be looking you up.

Send from my ZTE Warp
Hi Link,

There appears to be a minor problem with the website, when viewing pages detailing items for sale the preview picture is obscuring some of the descriptive text, tried this via chrome & firefox on windows & also via the AOSP Android browser on the Nexus 7.

Looks like all you'll need to do is reduce the size of the preview pics.

Yeah, I've noticed this issue. I need to just change my PrestaShop configuration but am too busy currently to make the change. Plus the shop works currently, besides the pictures being too big. I found a work around if you look at the ReBirth Open Pandora, I used left justify on the text. I just don't have the time currently to fix everything by hand or to figure out a new Prestashop template to use. Thank you for pointing it out.

I have an issue with my 1GHz Pandora order that I received last night and sent you a PM with more details. Please get in touch with me so I can get this matter resolved.
1GHz units will be in-stock 1st week of December. Also, USPS will ship lithium batteries again, so Canada should add $45 for USPS shipping on either device.
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I have a question (For future noting), if I were to updgrade my Classic 256MB 600MHz Pandora, to a 1GHz 512MB Pandora, would I be able to spend like 450 - 500, instead of 530 for it?

Just curious.


I will add an option for that in the shop. $449 sounds good.

Will there be any christmas specials on
In fact there will be. Solstice sale through Chinese New Year. Stay tuned!

You send in your old unit, once it is received, I send you a brand new 1GHz unit. The only thing you need to do is properly pack your old Pandora and ship it to me.