US/Canada Open Pandora Platinum ReBirth Edition & 1GHZ Free US Shipping UPS Ground

Hey Folks,

Since this is stickied here, I just wanted to let those interested in things in the trading section know that I have a few Classic Pandora units up for sale over at the http://www.ithic.comwebsite, there are three of them available, in AS-IS condition, unless the person interested wants it transplanted into a silver case which would then get them a new LCD cable as well.  The units are tested and work, so at this point there is no sense in removing them from the black cases. 

Also for those who like to game on Android Tablets, we have a new MJ7HDTV Tablet up at a nice price.  It is a great tablet for gaming, and for those in the US, allows access to Over the Air HD signals using the built in antenna on the tablet or a better signal by hooking up an external (included) antenna.