Pandora 1GHz for Sale [USA]

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Oct 27, 2012
Phoenix, AZ
Hey SunDevilDog, great looking system. Are there any imperfections or issues? You know, bad buttons, shoulder button issues, dead pixels, etc? Any cracks or scratches in or on the case?

I was actually thinking about upgrading my original to the 1Ghz model, but this may be a better option if this goes cheap enough.

Hello Chris. No issues at all. Please bid! My DK cab awaits!!!
I'll bid if it stays in my price range, but I'm sure this will probably go for more than I can currently spend. I'll need to get it for less than what I can do a trade in for and that would be giving this away at that price.

Good luck, as I'm sure you should be able to get 400-500(maybe more). I'll probably end up doing the trade in at some later date, but I'm rather attached to my OG unit, so who knows. I'm mainly only really playing Compo4All currently and I really don't need a 1Ghz unit for that. I actually just got a White PS Vita off of Ebay yesterday, as I wanted to trade up colors from my black unit. So my funds are tight as well.

I've actually got a DK and DKjr cocktail that both need a little work, but are in great condition overall considering their age. Good luck on your restoration and please post some pics once your done.

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