Is this free linux game possible to play on the pandora?


Still Fresh
Nov 16, 2008
I am addicted to this game i came across.
It's a turn based strategy game called "The battle for wesnoth".
I would love to play it on the pandora one day and just wonder if it's compatible with the pandora
from the start or if it needs to be ported? (...please port it=) ).
...would be great with wifi...=)
I've built it many times for embedded ARM devices, and it runs fine (a little slow, but that's due to CPU/RAM restrictions on the Zaurus).

In other words, yes, easily.
Sounds awsome!!!
Thanks for the quick answer=)

Looking forward to this one=)
That is a good game. It plays well on my nokia n800 so i'm sure it will be great on the powerhouse that is the Pandora
looks like a great game! I love little strategy advance wars-like games. Does anyone know of any others like this, free ones? ^_^
There's Crimson Fields:

and another similar game I can't remember off the top of my head right now (Very similar to Crimson Fields, but more complex, IIRC).

Both of the above are hex-based tactical strategy games.