I would like to learn 3D-modelling, but I don't know where to start.

^ Different Interface.

My recommendation for starting with modeling is just play with the software for a little bit, so you can get a sense where everything is. Then look at video tutorials others have made. Blender is by far the friendliest, powerful, and has the best work flow. Take this from someone who had to use autodesk products at one point in his life. The only thing that MAX has that I care about is better UV mapping.
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Not too OT i hope, its not a suggestion for a 3D program, I dont know any other than whats been offered already - besides 123Dapp.com but i checked if it ran on Linux but unfortunately it doesnt.

anyway, similar to Shapeways, i have been on this site a while, you might like to check it out


they make your 3D models
But like mentioned before, the new Blender interface should be much more userfriendly than the old one. :)
I liked the way the Blender 2.49 interface worked, it had a nice flow to it.

I only followed a couple of tutorials and never really used the software afterwards, but I think the complaints about the UI were quite an exaggeration. It is not like MAYA or MAX are without learning curves.
yep, there is no easy 3d program around and I sense there will never be.

I would say choose the latest blender version and produce something every day, preferably from start(model) to finish(output render), that is the only way to hardcode things in mind and learn this.

Similar to drawing...think you can´t make it? do a draw every day, similar to gym, similar to coding, similar to love :wub:
yep, there is no easy 3d program around and I sense there will never be.
They have existed and do, though (see TinkerCAD for an example) - there just aren't enough of them, that's the problem. :(
Are there any 3D modelling programs geared specifically towards learning, no matter how crippled the features are? I'm talking the Scratch or Alice of 3D modelling.