I Think I've Went Insane.

Asmo said:

EDIT: Tweaked.
if only...
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Asmo said:
God Ginrai said:
the Dpad made me cringe. XD

It used to leave my left thumb dented. If they hadn't moved on to Analogue controllers, my thumb would look like a spoon now.
*looks at own thumb*

... :(
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*Looks at own thumb* LOL, I suppose playing the piano took care of that, my fingers are powerful and normal!

And great job Asmo, how about a Panmiga 32? Or a Panega 32x?
lolasmo, you should really try to make some vinyl decal for our pandora, you'll get rich quite fast...
Haha, nice adaptation of their old slogan!

I think Elwing's right, by the way. :lol:
Asmo for Sonic! SEGA<=>AGES - classic stuff. The universe is your plaything.

Love the Panstation too or perhaps it was the rear view of Lara I was liking. :p

What's that slacker naw(mcx) been up to last week end. Guess his mum chucked the crayons out after all?
Miner49er said:
God Ginrai said:
Exophase said:
I think your Pandora has diagonal tearing.

Shit! I hope they fix that by the time that we get ours!

-God Ginrai

I hope they fix the spectrum emulator. Hmmm, maybe I'll finally complete Head over Heals (After about 20 years!)

Gulp, it really has been about 20 years since I first played HoH...

Oh SNAP! What an amazing game... I played it on the Amstrad CPC (the version that has real colours). I completed it for the first time on an emulator about a year ago. I always used to be able to get the 4 main crowns, and could get to freedom, but I never knew how to get to blacktooth. Turns out there's a hidden door on the way to freedom! It real did take me over 20 years to complete that game...
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