I.q. Test?

Just for info an average IQ is around 90 - 100

In the past my IQ has ranged from 126 - 132.

You can buy books that improve your IQ (yeah right) all they really do is condition you to the style of questions by setting loads of similar questions. Ever since I heard of these books I've taken IQ with a pinch of salt apart from it being a VERY rough guide to intelligence.
jmetal88 said:
I think this one's an accurate gauge, and the test does say something about a timer, so it does take time into account:


That's the one I scored a 133 on.

I got the *exact* same score as you.

Anyone else wanna try this? If most of us get a 133, there's something fishy about this one, too.
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Heh, well it definitely takes the time into account. My connection got hung up while I was sending my test the second time I tried it, so this time I only got a 129. :rolleyes:
Swish! I got an IQ for 149 in that other test. so if I average 129 and 149, thats 139. Not too bad.

The bits on that new test where I got lower scores were in the Short Term Memory and the computational categories. In every other category, I was spot on if not over my final IQ level.
iqtest.com said:
If you average more than twenty seconds to respond to each of the questions, your IQ Score will be lower.
Wooo! 149!
I like this one much better ;)
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I've taken the iqtest.com one. I got 155. I can't be bothered to take the first one because IQ tests are really boring, so I'll go and watch QI instead.

(iPlayer <3)