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Ha! i literally just this moment got one from Barclays (or not?) ;)

Transaction is completed. £0704 has been successfully transfered.
If the transaction was made by mistake please contact our customer service.
Receipt of payment is attached.


It even has a .ZIP attachment, so it must be legit, mustn't it? Even though I don't have a Barclays bank account. :p




A copy of your ADP TotalSource Payroll Invoice for the following payroll is is attached in PDF file and available for viewing.
  Year: 13 Week No: 08 Payroll No: 1
Please open attached file to view and check following payrol
I've had several of these recently too.

And believe it or not, another!!!

NatWest Online Account Suspended‏
Dear NatWest Banking OnlineSM Customer:

Thank you for being our customer for the past year(s). We look forward to give you safety service and high quality-to-use at NatWest Bank to guarantee your
online security.

Your Credit card Account has not been secured to our latest Online
Access Agreement Services.
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I used to think not many people would get tricked by these kind of scams, as they used to be obvious to pickup. But now days, I can't help but feel that a number of people must get tricked with these scams which have become a lot harder to pick.