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Jan 23, 2011
Thought I'd start this thread to warn people of different scams out there.

For example there is an ebay scam email I receive now and then that should be avoided.  I get a lot of scam email pretending to be from ebay where the guy says he bought something from me and wants to know where his item is. The email then has a link to the item, if you click on it , you get to a screen that looks like the ebay login screen, but its not the ebay login screen. These guys try and scam you of your login, and probably your paypal login also - Beware.

If you you know of other scams , feel free to post them here in this thread.
Recent one that I'd not heard of before...

Phone call from unknown number, naturally.

Official sounding chap states he is from the police office at [famous london station here].

They then mention that they've just arrested a couple of men using a credit card which has been identified as yours.

They'll read your name and address and ask you to confirm who you are and if you still have your visa card in your possession.

...I can't tell you how the scam goes beyond that point though :)
How is that a scam? You can get a name, address and phone number from the phone book....

What happens when you say yes - my visa card is in my wallet...?
My guess is they've already skimmed your CC#, and are trying to trick you somehow into saying you still have the card, thus letting charges go through? Can't see how that'd really work though.

So yeah, don't half tell the story .. full disclosure, or none! *slams fist on table*

I'm not going to stay on the phone long enough to find out :)

My guess is they'd have me confirm all my card details, probably saying they need me to confirm that it matches the 'so called clone' these [non existing] criminals have.

Then once they have all my card details, fleece me


I suspect it was this type of scam:

How credit card scams work

Scammers can get your credit card details by:

  • Tricking you into telling them your credit card number and/or your security code (the three-digit code on the back of your card) by pretending to be your bank or another company
Once the scammers have your credit card number and security code, they can make purchases over the internet or by phone.
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That's the kicker - giving them your details.

My simple rule is don't give anybody any details if they rang you.  Sky had a habit of doing it a while back - they'd phone you up and ask for your password. WTF?
I and others I know have had loads of the phone calls from 'Microsoft' ringing to tell you they've magically detected a possible virus on my PC - which is usually followed with trying to get you to go online and download malware, or actually buy malware, from their bogus support site. They're always insanely over-friendly when the call begins, to confuse and disarm you, less so when you reveal that you don't have a windows PC, and have intimate knowledge of their mother.
Hey... got a call from Microsoft too... problem is... All my machines are Linux...
 Sky had a habit of doing it a while back - they'd phone you up and ask for your password. WTF?
Yeah, they did that to me too. I got fed up of it in the end and told them to fuck off as they phoned me, not the other way around. I told them to never contact me again - just because I use their service it doesn't give them the right to cold call me, especially since they are legally required to check the TPS, which I signed up to. Did that to BT too. Not had a call from either company in a long while now. I still get heaps of BT crap through my letterbox though, despite being listed on the MPS. BT are a bunch of money fleecing wankers - worse than most scammers tbh.

Sorry, back to the scams.
I told Sky a while ago that they should ask for a few digits rather than entire password, like the 3rd 4th and 8th digits or something.

Repeating back to them the entire password is obvious, especially if phoning them from work or somewhere where others can hear you stating what is obviously a password... Still don't think they do that though
*lol* .. nasty boy :)

Charities are half-scam as well; even the legit ones will make you so unhappy as to never support them again. Charities seem to think yuo are a bank.. once you've thought kindly to give them a penny, they will pester the living shit out of you until you hate them and all their kin. All that money wasted in bugging you and mailing you essentialyl turns your investment into pure waste .. and they'll give or sell your contact information to all their charity buddies. Christ help you if you give them a CC# over the phone .. never ever do that!

I must admit , I gave a lot of times to those that rang up from charities, then it seemed they shared my number or something as they all would then call me and regularly.  Because there charities they are not banned if you are on the no call list here in Aus.  Very pushy to, which is what I don't like, I mean the causes are good, and I respect that, but if you say no, that should be it, unfortunately these guys then keep trying to change your mind which is not on.

That said they are good charities normally, and I'm sure they do a lot of good, it would be nice if they audited the call centres they use and ensured some etiquette standards.  

Personally , I work at a Salvo's thrift shop 2 days a week, testing and tagging electricals that are donated and sorting through the bric a brak .  Funny though, the Salvo's never call me for a donation  :D
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What annoys me most with charities is when they send me hundreds of pre-printed sticky labels with my name and address on them. Like I want my name and address all over the place - and you can't even shred them because of the sticky backed paper! A good way to make me cancel my donation to them. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you...
I get emails from PayPal, amazon, ebay that twll me that I bought something or that my account was suspended.

They have a link to a website to cancel the order or verify my details.

So zhey want to trick me into entering my password.
I recently received 2 very official looking emails ostensibly from the Westpac bank wanting to confirm my account details... except that I am not now, nor have I ever been a Westpac account holder.

- Neelix
I constantly get email phishing scams from a number of banks - including banks that aren't generally known in the UK.

I had one from eBay/PayPal recently too, which was unusually good in the way it was put together - I'm pretty sure that some would be tempted to follow it up. Most email scams are full of mistakes or poor/missing imagery and bad grammar/spelling. This one wasn't. It also used my name, rather than "Dear Sir/Madam"

Hovering over the links within the text and footer as well as looking at the full "From" details gave it away, but it was a good effort. I certainly gave them 10/10 for trying to make it look convincing, if nothing else! :p
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I've been getting a tonne from "HM Revenue & Customs", plenty of "Job offers" and Fed Ex deliveries.

Sometimes I wish I didn't bother having a domain. I keep meaning to change my "catch all" rule to filter to an account that just deletes all mails

Edit: Some samples

Important notification from HM Revenue & Customs

Dear cjrabh, our system registered an unpaid invoice

Due to an unpaid invoice registered in our system,we recommend you to pay it in full to avoid legal actions.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please check attached file for more detailed information.

Thesecurity and confidentiality of your personal information isimportant for us. If you have any questions, please either callthe toll-free customer service phone number

Copyright ? 2014 All rights reserved.


Dear qctnk(@ my domain):

We have a package for you!

Unfortunately some important information is missing to complete the delivery.

Please fulfil the documents attached to verify your identity.

We highly recommend you to do it right now!!

You have 24 hours to compleate the verification! Otherwise the package will be returned to sender!

Order confirmation number: 2183745

Order date: 03/02/2014

Thank you for choosing FedEx.

This message has been sent by an auto responder system. Please do not reply to this message.

The content of this message is protected by copyright and trademark laws under U.S. and international law.

Review our privacy policy . All rights reserved.
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