How To Cut Out A D-pad Hole


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Jan 12, 2006
Hampshire, UK.
I am going to have to refer you to my BenHeck topic again!

On page 18, I cut out a D-pad using the hole from a NES controller, as the 2mm perspex I am using is clear.

You can do the same thing with the GP2x, but you will need to trace an outline of the D-pad cross you are using (whichever you choose) onto a piece of thin card and stick it in place with clear tape, then cut out the hole using the tools I used.

This might help someone make a clean-cut and accurate D-pad hole in their GP2x, so I thought it worth posting.

This is an easy process.


This is the result, the D-pad cross is through my plastic sheet:


Thanks moz. I am "rather into" building my combined portable N64/GBA system and devoting a lot of time to it. It is great fun.

My skills have come on tremendously over the last months in regards to modding, hacking, soldering, basic electronics (basic) and now case making. I didn't forget my roots though, I had to make by own buttons (two lines in, two out, one button; and four lines in, one out, one button - see my BenHeck thread) with mounting card, tin foil, 1mm and 2mm sticky foam pads, electrical tape and glue! (They work great, and feel to use like proper rubber pads).

If anyone can give me the pinout for the solder joints for RGB, C-sync and ground on the GP2x I intend to make a great version of the GP2x as my next project! (I asked for this in "I need help" in this forum, and BenHeck too, in case anyone knows the answer). If I can find the contacts, I can hook the GP2x to a PSone screen on RGB and see what I get! If anyone knows, please post them. If no-one knows, all I can do it try to find the pinouts for the chips in the GP2x in case they yield information, but I have no guarantee at all of any success. Hopefully a bright spark out there knows the answer!
Uh... I posted in the thread you made for the RGB thing. (Way to hijack your own thread. :D)

I like the idea for cutting out the d-pad. But, I'd rather use (I think it's SonicNK's) the other method where you use a dremel wheel. It seems more foolproof, and I usually wreck things when I'm doing something that could potentially kill my project. :p
Yes, nice to hear from you again!!

No problem. The advantage of this method is that the hole required for just cutting a D-pad cross is smaller than having to cut a circle out, so if you screw up just cutting a cross out, you can always use the circular cutter and complete your project that way!

I posted this as an alternative.