How reliable is the Pandora?

The difference is the freedom. What to do with all those possibilities ? Like an animal released into the wild. Where do i begin with ?
Yesterday my Pandora survived its first 1 meter drop during a bus ride with the screen fully open at 180 deg. (I was standing and hanging on to a vertical post when the bus driver decided he didn't want an accident to happen so he put on the power-brakes like it was the end of the world). The Pandora flew out of my hand like I had thrown a frisbee. My baby kissed the bus floor and just rebooted due to the battery being jolted and that's it. Not even a scratch. The screen hinges got the worst jolt of all since it landed keyboard-up and the screen tried to bend down to touch the bus floor too, like the base had done a microsecond before it. No issues though. For me, that's reliability. I wouldn't want it to go through another similar drop though. I was not writing a novel on it, just playing X-moto ;) The X-moto rider ended up upside down as if he'd felt the drop and wanted to show it :p I bet if it had been programmed so the X-moto rider would have gotten up and given me the middle finger after the drop :D
I also had a 1m drop not as spectacular as you it just fell, it landed on the right shoulder button. The button didnt work anymore the rest was fine. I opened my pandora (nice how familiar it felt when I saw the PCB :p never had that with another device, here I knew what to expect :D ) checked the button and it turns out there was some scratching done on the button (probably the shoulder button fix at craigs) The only thing I had to do is put some bandaid on the button and now its as good as it used to be....

A very sturdy device!!!
technology is not outdated if it is still useful. corporations have brainwashed people in believing that this b/c they want you to buy their new crap every 3months

Hello, just wondering because I am a bit nervous about the fact I ordered something that quite expensive for something that is dated (spec wise), and I am already getting cold feet about holding on to the order it. Anyway, just want to know if it holds up since I just now been reading about bad numbs and screens on some units. Yes, I know I can take it back within a year if something goes wrong, but I don't want to wait around for airmail which would be weeks at a time too and from, and paying out of my pocket to send it back in case of a problem. This could be the wrong place to post this topic, maybe support would be the right place.
not going to argue dated specs, or defend them either

but a 2 Ghz dual core cortex a15 proc, with a multi-core GPU, and a couple GB ram would be nice improvement... along with the power savings of a 28nm.... that isn't even out yet =P

but in all seriousness with the exception of like 2-3 currently available programs i've tried (high end emulators) most everything currently available runs absolutely perfect performance wise without much overclocking above default settings.

so the questions that were asked before can be asked agian...

How much does a beefier system mean to you?

What would you be able to do that you can't do now?

Most importantly... what other option is there?

I'm a recent *re*-adopter of the pandora and even knowing more/new stuff is comming and had owned one previously... this is a really nice place to put your hat (and even come back to)... it doesn't feel like an old dog and I own multiple other arm cortex a8 and multi-core a9 systems that I would say are much more advanced, but the reality (day to day) isn't *THAT* much different in what you can actually do with this compared to the other mobile devices... and the form and everyday use... the pandora still wins every time in usability and capability of hardware without even considering the cpu/gpu/ram

I still wouldn't turn my nose up at a omap 5 based pandora though =P
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I'll also add my 2p. My Pandora is one of the first batch that I got in Feb last year. It's developed a tiny hairline crack on the left side of the casing by the hinge joint after all this time of constant use. I've had no LCD trouble and my nubs have never played up. I've dropped it from about waist height onto the stairs once and it bounced about a foot in the air after ricocheting off of a corner,I shat myself and thought it was going to be toast for sure, but there was absolutely nothing wrong with it, all that happened was one of the shoulder buttons had shifted slightly and I just popped it back into place and that was it.

I'm very pleased with the quality of mine and I can only imagine that with the new cables and cases they have strengthened an already solid handheld.

One more thing, playing Amiga games on this with a mouse and keyboard is disgracefully enjoyable.
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True say.

... as for dropping the Pandora on the bus I bet you had a mini panic.

This is good to hear that they can take a drop though, not that I'd obviously want to purposely test this. With the hinge open too. Rugged enough
Still waiting to find that out, wouldn't want to be the donate though