Hoping to get my Indie retro game to run on the Pandora.


"Very" Old Timer
Jan 31, 2004
@Eight Bit. OMG you're a genius. I'd forgotten about that. Movement is still a bit ropey but I can at least use the nub as a mouse again!
@xnopasaranx Glad you like it. Lunar Lander and Asteroids were among my favourite arcade games as a Teenager and Nest lander is sort of a cross between the 2 on controls. I'm still a noob at construct 2 but I have other retro mechanics I'd like to give a new lease of life too. I'm hoping to release about 3 - 4 games this year. All simple but all fun. All pixel art and all taking a bit of effort to play. Not like half the modern games that just hold your hand and pat you on the back for breathing :) My website motto is "Bringing back the challenge to games"
[doublepost=1521147129,1521146975][/doublepost]@ levi I tried a 1 GB swapfile and the game still struggled to run :( I'm still interested to see if anyone can get Nest Lander running on something newer that a CC Pandora.