Hardware Change Requests Are Driving Me Batty

mali said:
^ I think you are wrong, but I accept your opinion :)
I browse this forum a lot and can't reconstruct your conclusions. There was someone who wanted to have 3G built-in recently, other than that I don't know which hardware change suggestions you are talking about.

The tipping point for me is the still active thread saying the 2nd batch (the next 1000-4000 made) should use the 720 OMAP instead of the 600. It just irked me to see this discussion again - and that request has occurred several times.

And don't even get me going about the Pandora is "obsolete" thread that is now at the top of the forum as I type this. Oh well...
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^ You didn't understand what the OP meant. He explained it in his first post and explained it again several posts later. We had the same discussion a while ago and nobody is entirely sure if the pre-binning 600MHz and the new 600MHz are equal.

People say things I don't agree with all the time, but I won't request a sticky to oppress those thoughts ;)
Just for a moment there this topic had swung exactly the way zounder1 didn't want.

Pandora2 will need to be NEXT generation and not THIS generation.
fearofshorts said:
OSX (and I'm sure that even Mac fans will agree with me on this) doesn't have too many third-party programs available for it. If you have OSX, you have to either use apple products or use open-source programs 90% of the time.
Bad example, I'm afraid. :p Funny how that belief persists, though. :lol:
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