Hardware capabilities based on new applications

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    Ahh, thanks for that - I shall check that out tonight :)
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    3G or 4G is a must have for this device. You can surf on it everywhere. You can play online everywhere (the emulator supports this often). Maybe even send / read SMS which would be a great feature for this device (phoning sucks with it, but writing sms should be better than on a phone).

    And it can become a "facebook / icq / msn / email" everywhere device which would attract a lot of kids, if they can put it into their pocket.
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    They can do that with their clevertelephones too :p

    I've said this before, but building DVB/DAB/FM radio receiving gear would have 3 advantages:

    The Pandora already has:

    --the ability to play lots of codecs

    --the ability to rip CDs/DVDs directly with an optical disk drive

    --awesome battery life

    --great sound quality


    adding a 5" screen and digital TV/radio to that mix could gain it sales from the niche currently served by Cowon &friends

    It would also make it unique for Linux geeks. Linux can support 3G dongles, GPS dongles, BT tethering to access hardware in 'phones; but there are veryx10^8 few DAB/DVB receivers that work with Linux. This would give the P2 a small monopoly.

    Broadcast radio reception would allow you to access entertainment anywhere without eating download allowance, something that few other devices could match.

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