Hard crystal clear case


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Jul 20, 2010
was wondering if anyone would like to have one of these for he pyra? I have one on my 3ds xl and live it. Can still keep it in my pocket and not feel like it's going to get scratched up.
I would love one for the pyra. The carry case is cool and all but the crystal case I thing would make more since and also since this is a very expensive and will be awesome device. It would be a good seller I would think
What do you guys think? Also Ed I would live your input on it
Are you asking for a clear case like the prototype has? If so, this has been asked for a lot, and it is also in some of the case color polls. Many people either want a clear case, or they would like to see it as an option. It is currently one of the more popular choices.
No a clear case to go over the pyra itself to protect it from scratches
The plastic will have some antiscratch stuff in it. The cost for molds to make a protective case of that sort would probably be prohibitve for ED since he isn't likely to sell many, and he would probably want to pump that money back into his other products. The Pyra will already be a pocketful (a little thicker than the Pandora) and adding something to make it slightly larger may push it beyond the size of many common pockets (thinking Levi's front pockets).
Personally, no. I would rather have a clear Pyra with no case. A secondary case would add bulk.

But if thats what YOU want I hope you manage to get it.
I was throwing out there as a option and YES I would like one but I can live with out it too. I have a Pandora and its something I thought would be a nice option instead of the case that was already made
Personally, I dislike being paranoid enough to want a case attached to any of my small electronics. Actually, no. I hate it.

I don't care how heavy it is. I want something with good build quality. Something that won't scratch if I look at it funny or crack if I breathe on it. I also don't want any added bulk, much less added to the Pyra, which is already big for handheld standards.

I would MAYBE want one for longevity purposes, but that's about as far as I'll go. Won't make me sleep any less at night if this never materializes.