Gridspace - Work In Progress


Nov 20, 2010
Hey. Most of you may not know me, but I'm SolarLune, an independent game developer. I just wanted to pop up and say that I've been working on an independent game of my own called GridSpace. It's made with the Blender Game Engine, it's going to be for Windows and hopefully Linux and Mac OS X. It is going to be a game like Geometry Wars (an abstract top-down shooter), but will take place in a larger world, with more things to interact with and places to explore. Here are some screenshots showing my progress so far.




Check out my homepage at SolarLune Games to see more progress on it, along with a gameplay video.
this looks pretty cool!

all in all there are coming up pretty good looking homebrew games right now, your one definitely belongs to them :)
Wow, this is fantastic - what a great-looking game!

I must admit, seeing such masterpieces inspires me to consider picking up my own game a bit .. Just need 2 hours extra a day, sheesh.

Anyway, screenshots such as these remind me that its a good thing to have a Caannoo. I didn't know the Blender game engine is working on Caanoo yet, though .. is it? Pretty cool.
It's really cool :)
Hope to see a Pandora version....but if Caanoo could do the will be easy to port B)
Huge mistake on my part guys - I wasn't saying that it was going to run on the Caanoo, but that I just bought and like the GPH Caanoo... In retrospect, it was a stupid thing to post. If there was a runtime available for the Caanoo to run Blender games in Multitexture or Texture Face mode, I would be totally psyched, and I would probably work on porting it over if / when it becomes available. I would also be happy to work on making games with the BGE to run on the Caanoo, as well...

I posted this here just to show my game's progress in development. If someone who knows C++ (which is quite a lot of people here, probably) would like to make a runtime for Caanoo, that would be great! There's already runtimes available for Linux, Windows, and Mac, and Blender is open-source, so it might be possible... Anyway, thanks for the compliments, everyone.