Gp2x Torrents

Well, that sucks :(.
Just noticed.
Oh, and some people get a bit larey if you mention that site hear. ;)
damn that does suck......

BUT...if you do a goggle can see that they are mirrored on other sites...

I know I spelled google wrong......I did for the bored nazi speller people........have fun!

well thats just fookin great. no support for new users or the old ones who have not got all the files.
pubzombie said:
well thats just fookin great. no support for new users or the old ones who have not got all the files.
Sadly they will just have to download their ROMs elsewhere ;).
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I think mention of the site was ok before as long as it was kinda ambiguous and didn't give exact url.

I always liked it and was good for gp2x specific stuff like roms for gp2x mame or pc engine cd rips with ogg audio. some other places have ogg rips to save space but kinda scattered around.

A fair amount of people here did use the site though wouldn't mention it here of course. I think it went down one other time before though.

yeah there was always other places for roms and such but was nice to have a gp2x specific torrent site. the sd monsterpacks were good to get new users started.
Is it just the domain name, or the site? theres been some drama as of late
Hmmm that's odd. Maybe it has a normal 'account' URL that points to it too? It was great for getting versions of apps which you knew would work.

Just as long as we don't lose the unofficial Pandora blog too - I use it to get all the latest news, it's quicker than checking my email.
Does anyone know where one might find GP2X-compatible versions of Amiga games? Amiga games are freely available on numerous abandonware sites, but Uae4AllGP2X seems picky about which versions of games it wants to boot.

GP2XTorrents had verified packs. Are there any other places where such packs might be found now that it's down?
I just got the trial membership at

Looks like if the site was up it should be at this IP:

Unfortunately, it is not.

EDIT: Here is the IP change history for the site:

Event Date Action Pre-Action IP Post-Action IP
2006-04-17 New -none-
2006-04-26 Change
2007-10-21 Not Resolvable -none-
2009-04-20 Change
2009-04-27 Change
2009-06-08 Change
Used to love this site. Hope someone takes up the challenge to create something similar.
let's hope the owner is ok and ain't busted or something bad ..
roms are everywhere in this internet jungle
but something made especially for gp2x users .. well ...RIP :(
I started a site , kinda generic , I have most of the gp2x files from
the previous site on my hard drive and will try to get them up soon ...Bud