Generic Pandora Case?

Interesting case. That's certainly not the 3DS' logo. :p

@Gruso - For what it's worth, the 3DS is pretty much exactly the same size as the DS Lite. Unfortunately, that means that this may not fit a Pandora.
Yeah, much of the general chat and noise is over there. Most new members just sign up there too. GP32X is still the main place for dev chat though.

(You've been gone for a year?! Criminy.)
Heck, I'm not even a developer anymore. I had a few drinks with some gen y developers about a week ago and could hardly keep up. It's very focused on web these days, while when I was in uni, web development was a short course on php.

Anyway, that's how it is with developers. Stop studying and reading up on new stuff and you're never coming back.