GB emulator available, which can be linked to another instance for two-player games?


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Dec 19, 2011
Bavaria, Germany
Hi guys,

is there a Gameboy emulator for Pandora, which can be linked - probably via network - to another instance running on another computer, in order to play two-player GB games (which needed the "Link cable" back then)?

Thanks a lot!
Already got a thread about this, hope this will boost interest in this though as I am still curious (without having to move the save file to a pc).
The only gameboy emulator that I know of that can 'link' between two instances is known as TGB Dual. I'm not even sure if a Linux port exists, let alone ARM Linux (apparently it uses DirectX. Bleh). Theoretically, if you can find the source for that (I couldn't find any licensing information), it may be possible to incorporate the necessary code into an already existing emulator.

A good level or two above my computing level, though.