How to order


Feb 28, 2008
Sydney, Australia
This is unofficial advice from me, not official advice from OP Ltd.

  • Send them an email and state that you'd like to order a Pandora. Let them know which country you're in. They will reply with a current price list, and an explanation of the payment & shipping options.
  • Reply back letting them know which items you want, how you'd like to pay, which form of shipping you prefer. You'll need to provide your full name and address at this point.
  • If your chosen payment method is Google Checkout, you will receive a Google Checkout payment link. If you choose another payment option, the Pandora team will provide further details.
  • Once paid via Google Checkout, you will receive a confirmation from Google Checkout which contains your order number. If you chose another payment method you will get this information direct from the Pandora team.

This whole process can take several days, as there are only two people handling enquiries. Have some patience, and welcome to the party. :)


  • If you know exactly which items you want, how much they are, how you'd like to pay and how you'd like it shipped, you can probably send all that (along with all personal details) in the first email and save yourself a day or two.
  • Battery, stylus and AC adapter are included in the Pandora price. You don't need to order these separately.
  • Orders are filled in the order they are received, but your order number does not tell you your queue position. This information is not available.
Thank you man! This information must be on main page, in "where to buy" section, near e-mail.

Send them a letter and waiting :)