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Mar 2, 2003

Under the gb\nes emulation section(Cannot which) there is a utility which converts .nes files to .gb files - surely if the Gameboy emulator is better and compatible - has anyone tried this?

There is also an Infocom Interupter available for GB - Zork\Planetfall etc is available - is anyone interested or tried this?

There is an Ultima 4 gbc port for the gameboy - but didn't work under gbvgb - does this work under the other emulator?

Are any emulator developers considering integrating Kalliera into their emulators for play over the internet or with the RF device...Kalliera is basically a emulator-based games room where people can play each other - eg, Play 2 player games over the net\gp32 - have a multi player game of bomberman with each other on a pc engine emulator?

where is the cheapest place to get a SMC(I guess ebay hmph!)?

Im going to order a GP32 today ~ i have just got the PC emulator up and running and tried to run the GBC emulator ~ all I got was a lack screen with a dark green line across it ~ I gather you have had no rpoblems running this emulator on your handheld?

I am looking at the maplin website for cheap SMC I ill let you know...
Playing emulators on the gp32 pc emulator is different from playing it on the gp32 - - so never use this as a basis--
IIRC the nes-gbc convertor only supports a few games, and also they didn't fit on the screen! Games that work are the very early mapper ones - pre-SMB type stuff. The GBC had nowhere near the power needed to emulate the NES...

U4GBC works fine on a real GBC, that's all I know...

I think with Kalliera/RF support, the problem would be there's no documentation on it and it's impractical to test it! It's a nice idea, though.
jibba posted on Mar 10 2003 said:
all I got was a black screen with a dark green line across it
That's the ROM list screen. If the roms are in the right place, you'll see a list of the available roms with the green bar highlighting the current selection.
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That website had expensive SMCs!! - ebay is the cheapest I guess - if the smcs are compatiable...
Finally done it - ordered my GP32! You lot better be right! Fingers crossed for near perfect Gameboy emualtion!

Any tips for what i need to do first?

Ebay is probably the cheapest for SMC (128mb for £33) is the cheapest i could find. maplin are doing 64mb SMC for £19:99
35 quid for a SMC with free delivery is not bad!, thats like *brief mental calculation* 10 quid or so cheaper than the ones on (no offence craigx)
Best Buy has 128MB SMC cards for $39USD + tax. I bought one Sunday and it works fine.

The best price on is $35USD (shipping included).
7 Day Shop have some cheap SMCs..

Also they have some "Card Caboodle's" which holds a couple of cards - these look pretty cool and go well with the design of the GP32 (altho they are blue and yellow!). These are around £3.50 each.

128Mb SMC are £33.49
64Mb are £15.49
32Mb are £8.49
16mb are £6.85 (not sure if these work on the GP32?)

Only problem with this company is that it takes around 10 days to get their goods out - sometimes longer. Postage is only 95p.
hehe this is turning into a "where to find cheap SMCs" thread
but meh:D
does that price include VAT?
Thats an all in price... delivered to your house. Next we'll be looking for pre-formatted SMC's full of stuff for that price?!
Get those SMCs now as they are being phased out very soon, then we'll be left to bidding £100's / $100's for second hand ones on Ebay