Two Interface Questions


Still Fresh
Jun 3, 2008
Hi there,

This week I got my Pandora, and after playing a bit with it there are two questions I have:
1) How do I "test" the nubs? I can move the mouse with one, but the other seems to be mapped to a button or something if I press it. However if I
set it to scroll, and I try scrolling in the default web browser, it doesnt scroll. Now I was wondering, if there is a small app where I can see something moving and test clicking. Something like xeyes where each eye is controlled with one nub and pressing a nub closes the eyelids for example would fit the purpose. Or is there another app (not an emulator for which I need a rom) which suits this purpose?
2) When I run a game (dark queen of krynn) on uae4all, I can't seem to find the controls. When I try the gamepad, I think it maps it to a joystick or something, but I suspect I need to map it to the arrow keys. Does anyone have a tip to change the controls or to find the keymap? I cant seem to find it on a website (looked at the uae4all one and did some googling), but if I missed something the correct link would be appreciated!

I can't help with the nub-testing thing, but with uae4all, try pressing the Start button whilst the game is running - this will cycle through the control methods available. ;) (There's also an option in the menu which has a platformer-specific setting where it will also map up to a button for jumping, just in case that's useful to you or anyone else who might be reading this. :p )