Gameboy emulator with "link cable" support?


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Dec 19, 2011
Bavaria, Germany
Hi guys,

does one of the available gameboy emulators support connecting two instances running on two different Pandoras (via network connection perhaps) to play together, as two Gameboys connected with the "link cable"?
I imagine this would open up the opportunity for trouble - GBA games are presumably not expecting any significant latency whatsoever, given the short length of the official cables (although you could daisy chain them indefinitely, so perhaps they're more forgiving than I expect).
I meant more the original Gameboys, and their link cables were not that short. Maybe 80cm or something like that. Don't remember exactly.

Well, we have UART lines on the EXT connector. So we could use those and build a custom Pandora "link cable" connecting the serial ports. :) Then, latency would not be a problem anymore.
Good point - I'd misread you there.

From a quick google all I can find is No$GBA running two emulators on the same PC, and still there you get connection errors if your PC isn't fast enough to emulate them both full speed. Again, that's GBA rather than GameBoy but it's an indication. Still, the only way to find out is to try it, if you can convince any of the emulator maintainers to have a go.
there were emulators that used that method for gb and gbc I forget names though... Pandora is fast enough I guess but someone would have implement this we have no existing emulators that support it.