Games you finished for the first time on the Pandora?


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Oct 1, 2006
I had previously finished Super Mario Land on the Pandora while testing a Game Boy emulator, but that is a game I have finished many times before on native hardware and on different systems.

Yesterday I finally completed Pokemon Yellow for the very first time and it was on the Pandora!

I have started playing this game on multiple occasions for upwards of 40 hours on my Dingoo and never finished.

I usually end up 'upgrading' one of my Pokemon and ruining it with a crappy move or something.

Or I wait too long between sessions to finish so its better to just start a new game.

This time I was just testing a Game Boy emulator and Pokemon Yellow was the game I was using.

Because I wasn't planning on seriously playing I employed and unorthodox strategy - only one Pokemon fights.

The others are just for HMs and utility moves (Cut, Strength, Flash, Fly, Surf, and Dig.)

I usually get Mankey for the first gym (Brock) so Mankey became the one and only fighter on my team.

So every battle and every experience point with to Mankey.

Using only Mankey/Primeape to fight I completed the game in 19 hours.

My Hall of Fame Team:

Level 85 Mankey/Primeape (Karate Chop, Low Kick, Thrash, Seismic Toss)

Level 10 Pikachu (Flash)

Level 10 Charmander (Dig, Cut, Strength)

Level 7 Pidgey (Fly)

Level 10 Squirtle (Surf)

The other four had more moves but these are all they got to use in my game.

The key to Mankey/Primeape success is the move Seismic Toss as it is a normal type move that can hurt Ghost Pokemon.

The Low Kick destroys rock types. Karate Chop for water, psycic, and fighting types.

Thrash for some trainers with multiple Pokemon and especially when your PP's get low on your other moves.

This was the coolest experience for me!

So what games have you finished for the first time on the Pandora?

Any Pokemon fans out there?
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That's pretty cool :) I started Yellow version myself but ended up playing other things, a game I finished on the Pandora having never finished it elsewhere is Flashback on the MD/Genesis, I've got the game but my MD usually has a Sonic related game plugged in, having save states makes life a lot easier as I don't have a lot of free time these days so being able to save anywhere is a big help, and I shall go and play Pokemon Silver now I think, It'd be nice if there was a way to transfer Pokemon, an app that connects two emulators as a link cable, but that's a pipe dream.....
I'm actually surprised you could beat the elite four (I think? Been a while) with just a Mankey. Actually I've never had a Mankey in my team. I do like leveling up an Abra myself.

There are a lot of games I plan on beating for the first time on my Pandora, but life gets in the way of fun. I'm about halfway through the Dragon Warrior/Quest games that can be emulated. I've never beaten Final Fantasy III for the SNES (the fake III, V in Japan?), maybe that'll be the first one I beat solely on the Pandora.
i have been playing so many games at different intervals. As a result, I haven't finished one yet!!! :wacko:
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I finished Final Fantasy 7 on the Pandora, but it was only disc 3, as I transferred the save file from my Wiz. That's the only game I have finished though, I don't usually finish games.
I've finished a bunch of Mame and Snes/MD titles that I'd either already done so on the real hardware. or had once borrowed, or owned and not had time for before. One title I will have to return to, to finish it, is Landstalker, as a foreign student wiped my save out one day by accident. Needless to say he swam home. Other than that I intend to finish some PC titles like Grim Fandango and Albion that I didn't own back then but which fit the Pandora perfectly. Amiga was outside my world back then too, so Dungeon Master and everything else is screaming for time, though I am hopeful of a PinMame type port, as Pinball Dreams etc I did get a glimpse of back then and every pinball game rocks alongside them. PanElite is also high on the list, of to be finished, as my CPC versions saves corrupted long ago and I never saw whatever is the finish or elite status that's to be achieved and quite frankly the Pandora version is sublime. I would also love pmprogs' remake of Last Ninja for C64 if he ever chooses to do so. So in the meantime there's Tenchu.

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I'm actually surprised you could beat the elite four (I think? Been a while) with just a Mankey. Actually I've never had a Mankey in my team. I do like leveling up an Abra myself.

With Mankey/Primeape (It evolved to Primeape but I still call it Mankey) at level 83 the Elite Four are relatively easy. This is mainly because of the lack of strategy used by Elite four.

They don't put Mankey to sleep, paralyze, or freeze engough to win. They don't use potions when most of their HP's are gone. At level 83 Mankey can destroy most level 60 Pokemon with one hit, and can take a hit from anyone. The hardest person was actually Gary as he would use a full restore every now-and-then but still not consistently enough to beat me.
Mega Man 3 was a notable one that I finished on the Pandora for the first time. I'd come close on the real hardware, but don't really have the time to be tethered to a television, so I never finished it there.

It was a pretty memorable experience, and I saw for the first time why folks still debate which out of Mega Man 2 and Mega Man 3 is the better game. (Of those two, I lean towards 2, myself. :p )
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Arc the Lad 1, 2 and 3 (still playing on 3), Breath of Fire 3, etc.

I also replayed a whole bunch of my classic collection, however the question was which games did we finish on the Pandora that we didn't finish before so... that's about it for now. :D

Even though I really wanna play Xenogears sometime... so that might come to my list of so-far-unplayed games.
Well, besides native games like Frogatto or (soon) VVVVVV, I finished Suikoden 1 and 2 for the first time on the Pandora :)

And basically also Xenogears - I played through it when I was 15 or 16, but the story in English was probably way too complex for me to fully understand it, so it will be a first here as well :)

I also finished the Makaitoushi Saga remake on the Pandora (aka SaGa 1 / Final Fantasy Legend 1 for the GB)

I also have Tales of Phantasia (PSX) version ahead of me, only finished the SNES version so far and some more games I want to play :)
Oh, I almost forgot! I played and completed Cave Story for the first time on the Pandora, shortly after GINGE was first released (so, before the time of nxengine). :p
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I do not have my Pandora yet :( , but in the spirit of the topic I did finally finish Etenral Champions for the Sega Genesis on a Gens emulator. The final Boss had 3 full lifebars and yours never got refilled!
I have just finished SegaSonic the Hedgehog arcade game on MAMe, now I actually played the arcade in SEGA World in London many many many years ago (it was about a week before Sonic 3D was released on the MD) and got close to completing it but never could, it was free to play at least, and now that I have I am quite pleased with myself :) now we just need a rollerball peripheral to play it properly.
Well if you know of a decent size trackball that would work on the pandora I'd be a happy man, I've tried some searches but always end up with the X-Arcade site for mame and jamma cabs etc, and those upside-down mouse style things.

I'll be a happy man indeed if that is the case, I will be doing Marble Madness next :)
That's actually not a bad looking thing, most of what I've seen is just little thumb balls, I was toying with the idea of making my own, then I realised I'm bloody useless at making things.

I assumed .106 supported USB things, but I wasn't sure if you could set mouse movement to keys as I imagine that's what you'd have to do?