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BackAssward said:
Monk said:
I'm being nice, and avoiding editorial "interpretations". Just the facts :D
Except you didn't, just a few examples:

The "drop out rate" the "pre-order" list
Why the quotes, unless you mean to imply something?

even with new customers flooding in!
Why the underscore and exclamation if you don't mean to imply something?

...A new and interesting meaning to the word "reserved" there.
...being made "real soon"
You consider this to "being nice" and "avoiding editorial interpretations"?
You have seemed lucid in the past, perhaps you have been drinking?

Edit: Oh, and the smiley at the end of your statement, is kinda like saying "no offense but...", having the smiley does not make it non-offensive.

I don't know WHAT your grudge is, or why, but you seem really intent on my doing a point-for-point anal examination of that post. I don't think anyone else deserves to be forced to read through this crap, or needs the tutorial in the English language that you seem to crave. So here it is in a seperate thread - just for you!

I said:

The "drop out rate" (including those who never actually paid at all)

I used quotiona marks around the "drop out rate" to signal that I was using the term in a slightly unusual way, for fear of some clever dick pointing out that someone who never paid could hardly be said to have "dropped out" when they had never even "dropped in", as such. I followed the quotation marks with:

(including those who never actually paid at all)

in order to point out/clarify in what way the "drop out" phrase was being, ever so slightly, abused. This, I thought, would be amply clear and avoid any comeback by anyone who would likes to nitpick. I was, apparently, incorrect :(

I used quoation marks to signal dubious use of a phrase again when I put:

enquiries in the "pre-order" list

Given that "pre-order" usually refers to the orders given in advance of product release (at least on these forums) I felt it worth highlighting that the use I was making of the term was different, referring (as it does) to a list of people who have not yet made orders but have enquired about doing so. The list they are on is a "before order has been placed" or, to save time and typing, a "pre-order" list. It's not that difficult to understand, actually, if you're not looking to try and find something that isn't there.

So, that answers why I used quotation marks without wishing to imply something beyond what I actually wrote, I believe. Let's move on to your next example of my heinous behaviour.

new customers flooding in!

By underlyining the word "flooding" I wished to emphasise that customers were not trickling in, but that OpenPandora were being inundated with order emails (or "pre-order" emails) from potential new customers. I often use underline, bold, all caps or italics to emphasise a point. That was emphasis. It was not intended to imply anything but emphasis.

...A new and interesting meaning to the word "reserved" there.

By A new and interesting meaning to the word "reserved" I used the quotation marks to highlight that the word "reserved" was being used in an unusual way (see above), and the preceeding "A new and unusual meaning to the word" was a way of saying... how do I phrase this in less than a paragraph yet be relatively sure you will "get it"... ah yes, of saying "I do not believe that word means what you think it means". I did not interpret what the unusual meaning was, or indicate how it seemed to vary from my understanding, but I did point out that it did not match my understanding of the word.

What's next? Oh yes:

"real soon"

By "real soon" I mean, in terms I am sure you are familiar with, "in Two Months(TM)" but without actually specifying an explicit duration, as the time could be shorter or, as has traditionally been the case on this project, longer. So it's an "unusual usage" of the term which deserved using quotation marks to indicate that IMHO, implying that the time may be short OR long in EXACTLY the way that people have been typing "Two Months" around here for some time to indicate that the actual duraction may vary.

I never said that I implied nothing, that is a very difficult target to achieve IMHO, only that I was trying not to "interpret" what had been posted, to avoid any misinterpretations.

The following link:

may help you to understand the "unusual uasge" use of quotation marks.

That post was, sincerely, a great deal friendlier and less interpretative than what I COULD have posted. I exercised restraint in order to show good manners (and also to keep my own blood pressure down - I am meant to be trying to reduce my blood pressure for an operation in a few weeks time. Literally).

Was there more that perplexed you? I beleive I have covered the fact that this WAS me "playing nice" and "not interpreting" to the best of my ability (although I have gone over that ground again slightly in THIS post), and that the smiley to Gruso in a later post, whre I said:

I'm being nice, and avoiding editorial "interpretations". Just the facts :D

was used to indicate friendly intent. Nothing else. I LIKE Gruso. :)

So I hope we are done with this post-mortem of my posting on the topic in question.

Now, if you have a way of explaining that the way you've said I am not lucid, may have been posting whilst under the influence of alcohol, was deliberately trying to be "not nice" to Gruso, for example, was in any way not meant to be unpleasant for me then please let's hear from you. Because I beliive, having started this thread, that I have had enough of it already.
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Look, if you want to continue your drama, please do so via PM. Of course then you have no audience, but you 're not an attention whore, are you?

In any case, you opended a new thread just to continue a dicussion from another thread, so i reported your post.


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No need to drag out a conversation in a public forum, Least of all create a new topic about. But, If really feel the need to do so, Please do it (as mentioned) via PM. Thanks.


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