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Dec 27, 2002
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Ok, I noticed this on the Mornington Crescent forums at the BBC site, and I thought I'd start it here too :).

Rules: (You probably don't need to read them, but don't come complaining to me if you get caught out on them)

1) Each disconnected word worth 50 points
2) The word only has to be disconnected in relation to the previous word
3) English only... and for the sake of convenience, no words that don;t show up on one or more of the various dictionary sites.
4) If a connected word is posted, everything after that is cancelled, although the score stays the same (so we start from the word it was supposed to be untied to), and the offending poster is awarded a 10 point penalty (and of course, doesn;t receive any points for the offending word)
5) If you can see - or envisage - a connection between two words based on their meaning (stone and sugar are not connected by rote of both beginning with s, although they might be on account of sugar being a crystal, and many crystals being stones), you can Buzz in specifying the connection, although the connection must be seconded unless its incredibly obvious.
5b) in force as of #42 meaning or use. Sorry; should have been clearer.
6) I reserve the right to award points or penalties in addition to these for astute observations about words connectivity or disconnectivity respectively. So there.
7) No replying to yourself. Or rather, you must wait for another person to post a disassociated word before posting your own. You *are* allowed to reply if all you're doing is introducing links. added 12:29 15/12/05.

EDIT As of post #202 whenever it's posted, I'm changing the scoring slightly. You'll get 60 points for spotting a connection, instead of 10 as I've currently been using. Further, if the person has over 500 points, they'll lose 50 instead of 10 (so effectively receiving a -100 penalty since their original word won't have counted). People who are comparatively new to the game still only lose 10 points though, except Deleted User, who I think is trying for the highest negative score, so I'll use the 50 point deduction to help him along regardless of how low he gets.

Current scores (as far as post 201):

Tobriand: 620
Vimacs: 50
rabbits with hats: 330
skysnapper: 590
Horscht: 270
(naw)mcx: 270
iignotus: 150
moz: 125 (-5 for not reading the rules :p )
Hanz: 450
Deleted User: 270 (And a penalty of -40 for being a twit :p)
Goity: 1280
BWF89: 50
daclassicgamingmaster: 40
Rico: 190
PSyMastR: 160
WarmFluffyUK: 150
WrongEyedJesus: 670
LHC: 50
Rayek: 390
RiXoR: 320
Magus 86: 50
aapje89: 50
WhizzBang: 50
firefly1201: 50
Twimfy: 150
Drak: 50
V3X: 100
Nova: 50
meandu229: 600

First word:

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