Flashing NAND to 1.54 failed. 'No space left on device'.


Jul 23, 2009

the update feature of SZ 1.53 failed on me, I got several error messages and my Pandora just quit working. So I would like to reflash the NAND with 1.54 but I get this error. --> See pic below. After 10 minute of waiting I dediced that the format_boot somehow doesn't do anythign helpful..

Can someone please tell me how to handle that problem and get a fresh install von 1.54 on the NAND?


Strange... Just try again. Normally the nand should be deleted before a complete reflash. Maybe something went wrong with formatting?

You could try again and look out for other errormessages before.

Also try to make a bit room on the nand before trying to reflash if you can still boot it.
the result is always the same: the formatting never finishes.

how do I manually delete/ format the boot partition of the nand? I managed to boot from SD and mount the nand with this manual but that's not the boot partition. swapping 'ubi0:rootfs' with 'ubi1:boot' in the 3rd line leads to the response "unknown filesystem".

thanks for any help!
to format a partition you use mkfs (mkfs.ext2, mkfs.ext3) on the unmounted partition. Not sure what /device the boot partition is ATM as my pandora isn't with me (srry)
Could this be the first case of serious nand corruption?

Also, isn't the bootpartition formatted on reflash, too?
Hmm, should we increase the boot partition a bit or remove kernel 2.6 from later firmwares?
I have to do a full reflash (pnd offline updater didn't work and wrecked the 3.2 kernel) so I downloaded the full reflash image and I was surprised that it is already over 300MB unpacked. Pretty big I guess but thanks to 2 different kernel versions I was able to still boot the Pandora with the old Kernel because only the new one did not work anymore after the pnd updater. So it's actualy good to have 2 Kernels for emergency cases like this.  :)
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There is a chance though that your new kernel only got corrupted because there were too many blocks going bad on the boot partition?
On the other hand, it's not supposed to hang during format even with bad blocks, hmm..

zapman, pressing alt+left/right again should show another terminal with kernel messages, anything there?

If there is no terminal with kernel messages, find one with a shell and run "dmesg".
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When it hangs likge shown in the pic above there is no way to get to another terminal with alt+ left/right.

The only option I see is that I boot with my SD card and then somehow try to fix the boot sector. But how? Is the dmesg output of any help if I boot from SD card?

How do I manually mount and format the boot sector?

Try this:

sudo ubidetach /dev/ubi_ctrl -d 1
sudo ubidetach /dev/ubi_ctrl -d 0
sudo ubiformat /dev/mtd3 -s 512

Depending on your SD setup first 2 commands may fail, it's the third one that does the actual formatting.
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Thx notaz!

the 3rd line formatted the boot sector and I could reinstall it afterwards. Now the updated SZ 1.54 version (from 1.53) is working.
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