Can't Run Pnd's After Flashing


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Sep 11, 2008
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I messed up my display after changing the dpi ,it locked when changing dpi and when it regained i had choosen too low a number so everything was massive ,anyway i reflashed the pandora but now all my pnd's off of the sd on slot two next to the volume control do not work ,they load but do not display anything ,also the same pnd's do not run on nand ,nor does the update fix or codec pack run of nand or sd and both those were fresh downloaded.

do i need to reflash again ,and i noticed when i reflashed it say's zaxxon ,has the reflash image got the update already included ,and if so could there be a problem with the image ?

i dont know where we can bug report ,you cant delete large files on the pandora ,anything larger than the free space on the nand will not delete as when deleting it ,it goes to the nand bin and theres not enough free space ,we need an option to perma delete when prompted to remove ,also this could be harmfull to nand as it will let you try and delete a large file ,filling up the rest of the free space on nand before giving error ,so writing to and filling nand when deleting is not a good idea.

update ---

i reformatted my sd ,redownloaded the firmware image and redownloaded some of the pnd's i had been using ,i have now reflashed three times and still none of my pnd's will load when i double click them sometimes i will see flashing activity on the leds but nothing on screen.

update 2 ----

now working ,the directory structure messed up ,seems pnd's need to be in a certain folder ,not even when i had these on nand did they work ,but i sware they did work first time round ,all working for now.

I can't help with much here, Paddy, but the permanent one-move, no "bin" delete option in most Linux distributions is to hold down shift and then press the delete key.
In my opinion someone should post cloning instruction for the firmware so that people can keep a working copy on the NAND while tinkering with the cloned one on the SD card. That way there is always a way to roll back or copy the image to the SD when the OS has been nuked.

That's what I did on my N800 when experimenting and it makes sense for the "beta testers", imo.
I'm having this problem Paddy but other than FENNEC, the other PND's have never worked. I'm talking about Exaile, UAE4ALL, Snes9....the other PND's I've put in apps don't even show up on the screen! Fuse doesn't work
Just a thought, but have you installed the Community Codec Pack? (Wasn't it said that Exaile won't run without that first being installed?)
on sd root make these folders ..


the structure should be like this ..

Pandora folder on root
appdata folder inside the Pandora folder
desktop folder inside the Pandora folder

so you have a Pandora folder on the root with two folders inside the Pandora folder ,these two folders are appdata and desktop.

you put your pnd's into the desktop folder and if the pnd needs to make cache files or cfgs it will store them in the appdata folder automaticly.

try not to run stuff from nand but if you need to then put your pnd's in (your user name folder) - /desktop folder.
they should appear on the desktop and be able to run from there ,they do not appear in the main menu but also will appear in minimenu ,but bare in mind you must use sd slot 2 ,the slot on the right next to the volume ,if you do not use that slot they will not appear in mini menu or desktop.

Prometheus is right ,you need to install the codecs and patch before trying to run stuff and reboot after both are installed ,also bare in mind the codecs installer will take a while but i will not tell you it has finnished so give it 5 mins then reboot after running the codec installer.
I will try this, thanks guys. I was told to set up the SD card differently yesterday, will let you know how it goes....I don't even know how to use terminal or anything, SPAZ!

PS Codecs and patch are the same file yes?!?
sorry man, didnt mean to patronise but it did sound that way.
it is strange indeed that some of your files show up and others dont, and no it shouldnt be that difficult.

i'm sure evildragon or craigix will come to the rescue soon enough.
They'd better! I'm going away tomorrow and was kind of hoping to have things up and running by then, sorry if I came across as stressed, but I am! I'll keep plugging away. Thing is, the GP2X stuff always had readme files, none of this stuff the way, I'm trying to switch to the mini menu but when I click on switch GUI, even that doesn't work anymore!
redownload the codec and patch if they don't appear ,but also bare in mind i had to reflash my pandora becase they would not appear at all ,make sure they are .pnd ,both codec and patch appear for me on the desktop if they are in my /desktop directory on the sd and both run but they are quite slow at loading up so give it a little time and expect codecs not to tell you it has finnished ,instead look at the led indicator on the left ,it will blink for a while ,then do nothing for 15 seconds then blink again ,it does this for up to a minute.

ohh one major thing .... do not download anything from your pandora ! most of the time the files don't download correctly - loss packets grrr
paddy said:
ohh one major thing .... do not download anything from your pandora ! most of the time the files don't download correctly - loss packets grrr

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Since the information for PNDs are at the end of the files, if they are not completely downloaded, they will not appear.

There are basically two directories where PNDs can go:


If you place them in the first one, they will only appear in the menu. If you place them in the second one, they will appear both in the menu and in the desktop.
That's lowercase pandora, unlike an earlier post that had Pandora with uppercase P. Linux is case sensitive.
sverm said:
That's lowercase pandora, unlike an earlier post that had Pandora with uppercase P. Linux is case sensitive.

If it's a FAT32 card, it doesn't care :)
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