Fba2x - Finalburn Alpha Beta 7.2


Aug 13, 2007
Ok , here is a new one :lol:

I go the the service mode , and lower the difficulty , set timer to slow etc and set it to free play for cps2 games , click on "save and exit" , game is set and everything is fine . But when I exit the emulator and run the game again later , it"s reverted the default settings , coin play and high difficulty etc.

I was suspected if it was caused because I exitted too soon , but on an other thought it is not quite possible since I have finished gigawing and played more than a hour of vampire saviour , super puzzle fighter 2 turbo...

Anyone have info egading this ?

thanks for any help/info


Still Fresh
Jun 3, 2010
So I've been advised that FBA2X can run WrestleFest which is a game I really want to play on my Wiz device. But I'm having some trouble following/understanding the directions.

The directions are:

- The fbacache.exe program is needed. You need to copy the ROM and those that it depends on to the ROMs directory and execute "fbacache.exe -d [romname].zip"
- For example with Metal Slug 5, copy mslug5.zip and neogeo.zip to the ROMs directory and execute "fbacache.exe -d mslug5.zip"
- If all goes well, this will generate the file mslug5.fba; this is the one you must copy to the ROMs directory of FBA2x; ONLY THIS FILE, mslug5.zip and neogeo.zip are not need (unless another game needs neogeo.zip)

So here is what I did.

First, I copied the FBA2X and FBACache folders to my game directory on my SD card.

Next, I turned my MAME4ALL 7Z file into a compressed zip file.

Next, I copied wwfwfest.zip and mame4all_2.5_wiz.7z.zip into my FBACache roms directory.

Now this is where I am stuck. I don't understand the part where it says to execute "fbacache.exe -d [romname].zip". What does that mean exactly? I don't have any zip file named "fbacache.exe -d wwfwfest.zip".

Am I following the steps correctly? What did I miss or do wrong?

Please help if you can. Thanks.