Question About Pgm Games On Fba2X


Still Fresh
Sep 1, 2009
I came across these lines in the readme file of FBA2X:

Beta 7.2:

- New supported games:
- PGM:
- Oriental Legend (orlegend, orlegnde, orlegndc, orld111c, orld105k) (Cache required)
- The Killing Blade (killbld, killbldt) (Not working correctly) (Cache required)
- Photo Y2K (photoy2k, raf102j)
- Knights of Valour (kov, kov115, kovj, kovplus, kovplusa) (Cache required)

I created cache files for these four games, and tested them all on FBA2X (FBA2X_WIZ_73alpha), and only Photo Y2K could get started (though non-playable due to the tearing graphics), and all the rest got stuck at the loading screen, including all clones.

Anyone ever got any of these four PGM games work on FBA2X? If yes, how?

Thanks a ton!!!