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Jan 13, 2011
Hello guys, I'm still confused about what should I do to connect some usb keyboard or mouse to the pandora. It doesn't work by using the big usb port. I have read that I should use some kind of hub? I'm a bit confused. And what about the other small usb? A lot of stuff works in the big usb like wifi sticks, usb drives, card readers, but why on earth doesn't a simple keyboard or mouse work?
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They don't work because they are USB 1.0 or 1.1, and the big port is USB 2.0 only. Accordingly, you need to use a genuine USB 2.0 High Speed hub (some claim to be USB 2.0 High Speed but actually are not) in order to connect USB 1.0 or 1.1 devices.

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You can connect mouse or keyboard to the USB OTG port using USB-mini-A-male to USB-A-female adapter. Though I didn't find any yet. Adapter could by made from USB-mini-B-male instead of USB-mini-B-male, just to short 2 pins together (I don't know their numbers).
I realise that this is only partly related to the OP's issue, but I though I'd just post this here for anyone that is searching at a later date.

Any HID (Human Interface Device) compliant keyboard, mouse or game controller should work on the Pandora. Most of those device are low speed or full speed USB device and will need to be connected though either a USB OTG adapter/cable or a USB2 hub in order to work on the Pandora.
- From the Wiki Page
Also note that plugging in a USB1.1 device, such as a mouse or keyboard, will actually crash the USB controller, and the only way to recover is to power off and restart. If you've got a USB hub and it still doesn't appear to be working, make sure you reboot, just in case the controller has crashed from a previous USB device issue.