GP32 Easy Start Guide To Building Mame


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Jun 11, 2005
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Hello everyone,

I’m hoping that by giving people an English “easy start” guide to building Franxis’ GP32 port of Mame, then Franxis would get more help with future development work. So here it is:

This guide applies to building Mame under Windows. Thanks to Oankali, this guide is mostly based on his tutorial from:

1. Download the required files.
• devkitARM from I think Franxis is currently using v14,
• GamePark sdk libraries, I got my copy from
• And a file to build the make files, I got mine from
2. Extract the downloaded files to the right place
• Extract devkitARM to: to C:\, which should then create C:\devkitARM
• Extract GamePark sdk libraries to C:\devkitARM, which should then create C:\devkitARM\gamepark_sdk
• Extract to C:\devkitARM\bin

You’ve now almost finished creating a development environment for the GP32 (easy wasn’t it?). All you need to do now is add C:\devkitARM\bin to the list of default directories Windows looks in to run files from. I’ll steal some instructions to do this from “jcbnetwork” setup guide:

Press and hold the WINDOWS key and then press the PAUSE BREAK key. The System Properties dialog should pop up, now click on the Advanced tab, then click on the Environment Variables button, now on the System variables section click on Path and then press the Edit button. In the Variable value field you should add the following to the end:
Click OK a few times to close down the dialogs and that’s it, you’ve got a development environment. All that needs to be done now is get the Mame source code and stick it in the right place.

1. Download the files
• Mame 1.3 is available here or here
2. Extract the downloaded files to the right place
• Extract the source code to C:\FRAN\GP32_MAME\GP32_MAME\

Then go to the C:\FRAN\GP32_MAME\GP32_MAME\ directory where you’ve just put the source code, run “make_obj_dir.bat” to create the directory structure. Run the file “make_mame_all_nopause.bat”, wait a few minutes and you should now have a set of 13 version 1.3 .fxe files ready to be copied and run on your GP32.