Did Your New Pandora Have Any Hardware Defects?

Did your new Pandora have any hardware defects?

  • No, it was completely perfect.

    Votes: 21 32.8%
  • Yes, but they were small ones that I either fixed myself or learned to live with.

    Votes: 30 46.9%
  • Yes; I sent it back and got a second unit.

    Votes: 5 7.8%
  • Yes; and so did the replacement one; I'm on my third unit.

    Votes: 6 9.4%
  • Yes; three or more units were defective.

    Votes: 2 3.1%

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Mar 5, 2003
Toronto, Canada
Inpired by the discussion in this thread, I just felt like it would be nice to get some statistics. (note: Option #2 includes one-nub units. Also, something that SHOULD be there is not to be considered a hardware defect in this poll. i.e. Lots of people don't like the clicky shoulder buttons, but they're meant to be like that)

For myself, my Pandora came with a few small defects - the stylus was stuck in the case, and one of the clips in the battery cover wouldn't close fully. I fixed those things myself, and since then I've had no hardware problems.

(for those interested, I used a file for the battery cover problem, to file off some of the plastic that was preventing it from closing, and took off the back cover to get the stylus out. I also used some sandpaper to make the stylus tip less scratchy)
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There are issues with my (currently third) Pandora I can live with, like the cracks for a duration (they've been getting worse, but I believe it will last until after spring quarter so I can send it in during break if need be), the left trigger barely working (the right works wonderfully, the left I fight with whenever I use it).

I'm unfortunately having an issue that is a wait and see, since either the replacement battery fixes it being unable to display the current charge level so I can charge it normally without fear, or I will need to send it in and denote all the little issues. It really is a nice step up from my second unit, which had a number of different small issues until the screen died (in less than a month of usage).

I would say my biggest issue has not been getting 3 Pandoras with issues, or even the cash to ship (which has been a fairly hefty burden on me, though I've heard that others have managed to get their shipping refunded and has left me curious), but that when I sent in my unit just before the end of September that I had to wait until January for a replacement.

My initial Pandora arrived back in June, and to date between the three consoles I've had just about 2 months of usable time with them. I do love my Pandora, I just wish for how much it costs to ship over that there would have been more of a concern and priority given to my replacements.
Esn, I think you can simply cut the word new from the title because even eBay owners are basically on their first unit.

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I don't know if I made enough sense, but it's time for sleep over an hour ago.
I'm going to be honest here. My received Pandora isn't technically 100% perfect because I have to push the zero-key all the way down before it registers, unlike other keys which you can simply tap. But that's everything. Honestly. Frankly, I don't mind it at all. I'm actually glad this is 'everything', seeing the problems other people have.
I've got two Pandoras, a Dev-P and a Use-P. My Dev-P, which gets more activity than the other one, has worked very well for >6 months now, but I've noticed a few interesting things - the keycaps are starting to get quite worn, and the d-pad is losing its paint in the down-direction. Its definitely starting to look a little worn.

My Use-P is doing fine, however, still quite fresh and factory-feeling .. though as I was one of the very first to receive the first-batch Pandora's, I do have problems with nubs on this one. They just don't spring back very well, sometimes .. I've learned to deal with it, however, because I love the Pandora as a platform so much.
I got one pandora, i dev and play but it has the wonky a-button. First i was *grmbl* but now i dont really care, it's just an awesome device and I'm happy to have one.
no defect for me. Just the shoulder left button that some times go out of his position. My Pandora come to me in the end 2010
crow_riot said:
I got one pandora, i dev and play but it has the wonky a-button. First i was *grmbl* but now i dont really care, it's just an awesome device and I'm happy to have one.

Same for me (except the dev part ^^) but was easily fixable.
Just open up the Pandi and remove the remaining plastic-thingies under the button using a sharp knife or similar...
Worked like a charm for me!
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Had mine for 9 months now and have never had any problems. It's easy to assume from reading here that everyone has problems, but I certainly haven't.
I'm a Pandora owner from 2 days and i haven't find any flaws (and hope to NOT find any in future :) ).
I think you need to add an option for "Yes, it was the nubs", since it was such a common issue at one point. It is somewhat useful to know how many people had bad nubs, but that problem has now been explained and fixed - a lot of people want to know how many Pandoras went wrong AFTER the early problems were solved.
Mine arrived in perfect working order. My A button doesn't have the "squishy" feel that some have complained about, but I noticed that it sticks ever so slightly sometimes. Nothing enough to affect game play though.
Yes, bad left shoulder button (insufficient padding (version w/o foam pads )). Fixed it with a piece of paper, has gone bad again. Learning to live with it right now until I'm in the mood to try another fix.
My unit has an extremely stiff volume wheel. Apart from that it was fine till now. Now the battery loses charge quickly while the unit is off. I always have to remove the battery if I don't want to charge it too often. I will send the Pandora back.
johnnysnet, the stiff volume wheel will likely change with usage (as it is likely from the paint). As for the battery losing the charge, I'm curious how quickly since that seems like something worth discussing in the I Need Help section.
My first pandora (shipped last june) had the purple screen of death, pandora button didn't work, speakers were quiet, left shoulder button was hard to press, and the left nub went bad, my current pandora which I waited an additional 2 months for has been great until a few days ago when the left nub again went out. So I will be on my 3rd once I send this one back (after I get a decent score in for ROT :p ) Additionally, I purchased 2 originally, 1 for my buddy and 1 for me. His now has the purple screen of death. So yea, the early ones are prone to failure in my experience. At least now I'll get the new nubs :D

Of course I now overlook the "common" problems that all 3 pandoras I've seen have. Namely the bezel and the lid not closing flush. No big deal in my book though.
Korlithiel said:
[...] As for the battery losing the charge, I'm curious how quickly since that seems like something worth discussing in the I Need Help section.
Very quickly, usually about 20% overnight. One day this drained the battery so much that the handheld couldn't turn on even with the AC adapter plugged in. Almost 1 hour later it was revived. Have discussed the issue with the master already, seems there's nothing I can do by myself.
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