Did Your New Pandora Have Any Hardware Defects?

Did your new Pandora have any hardware defects?

  • No, it was completely perfect.

    Votes: 21 32.8%
  • Yes, but they were small ones that I either fixed myself or learned to live with.

    Votes: 30 46.9%
  • Yes; I sent it back and got a second unit.

    Votes: 5 7.8%
  • Yes; and so did the replacement one; I'm on my third unit.

    Votes: 6 9.4%
  • Yes; three or more units were defective.

    Votes: 2 3.1%

  • Total voters

Had mine about 6 weeks now and pleased to say no problems. Everything works as it should and the common case issues really are pretty minor.
Well, I voted on my third unit, though technically it's still the first one, but repaired. It's one of the first "dodgy" ones I guess.

1. Blue screen tinting/LCD solder blob problem. RMA. Cracked Hinge/Case when it came back.
2. Cracked Hinge/Case. RMA. Left speaker doesn't work when it came back.
3. Left speaker doesn't work. Not sending it back again.

Customer service and RMA turn-around time where excellent, but the costs for shipping it back to get fixed each time add up in the end. If I need to send it back again(I'm thinking nubs will be the next to go), I'll just throw it in the back of my wardrobe and buy something else for my gaming/internet needs. €400+ euros can be me a PSP and a netbook.

I love the whole project, I really do, but I'm starting to lose faith here big time. At this stage I'm almost afraid to use it in case something else breaks :(

BTW, I think I got a whole new screen this time, and it seems to have an area in the middle where I have to press quite hard for it to register (note: not like the "bubble" problem someone had way back). I'm naively hoping it will get better with use.
There is a void in my case, the part that apparently keeps the stylus in, is not there. Thus my stylus has not only been lost, but I can see the board through the stylus hole area :/
Crack at the back due to screw being too tight. I bought a replacement case but haven't got round to trying to replace (may as well wait for the warranty to run out first). I did at one point think of returning, but that would leave me without a unit for too long and RMA seems somewhat of a gamble what you'll get back.

I also have a cracked hinge on my DS Lite, so as DaveC says, even Nintendo can't guarantee no cracks (albeit did take longer for the DS crack to show).

Overall I'm absolutely delighted with the Pandora and if anyone is sitting on the fence trying to decide whether to buy, I wouldn't let potential h/ware issues put you off as the quality appears to be improving considerably with time. To add to 'worth the wait' we can say its 'worth the potential risk of hware issues'. Not overly catchy marketing slogans I'll grant you... :D

Slightly off topic, but I'm amazed at the quality of the Caanoo which feels like a quality bit of kit - much better than GP / GPH previous outings.