Did You Guys Pick Up Any Game Licenses To Do Nothing With? :d


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Mar 8, 2008
Note for the humour-impaired: The title of this thread is referring to the Capcom licenses that I gather the original GamePark had but didn't make use of. Nothing more. :p

Anyway, a handful of days ago, after a marathon session on the excellent Mega Man 10 on the Wii, I remembered this old thread, and was just curious as to whether the team ever did pick up anything, and if so, what it might be. Is there anything you guys can say, if anything was picked up?

I'm only curious, though - I know it's not massively important in the grand scheme of things. :p
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I doubt anything got picked up, hardly necessary really.

If anything I'm more interested to see if any closed source ports come out for Pandora...Cave Story anyone? It'd look really nice with the new redone gfx they had for the Wii.

Braid would be cool too.
I figured that Cave Story may possibly fall under this - I must admit that I'm confused about the status of that one. :p
From what I understand, the original game was made by Studio Pixel. The source code was released to Simon Parzer and Peter Mackay, allowing them to do various SDL Linux ports. I suppose that if they wanted to, the two of them would be able (allowed to and have the ability to) to do a port to Pandora. However, it seems Pixel may not be so open to new ports, since Nicalis did the WiiWare port with new graphics (which was being worked on around the same time Peter Mackay asked for permission to do other ports and was denied).

yeah I dont think there's much hope for a new port of CS... unless there's a way to wrap the Linux version in some kind of PND with an interpreter or something but that's just a wild fantasy hope. I doubt it's a realistic idea.