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Mar 4, 2003
Okay, I didn't have much time lately to appear here.
Now I just read the threads... WHAT the heck is going on?

There are a few guys who like to Hijack any thread or simply try to bash down the gp2x, without even thinking about anything.

Even if you prove them the gp2x is more powerful than they think (by comparing actual testing results between different consoles and programs) simply leads to "I don't believe that." Period.

Is there a Sony or Nintendo brainwash going on?

Sure, the gp2x has flaws, it doesn't have perfectly paid coders like commercial DS or PSP coders, therefore, it doesn't show it's true potential yet. Still, that doesn't mean it CAN'T BE USED!
But saying it's not powerful enough and NOT believing anything else is simply... well, STUPID.

What's up with that? Have some of you sold their brains?

It's simply annoying reading every two posts "Naaah, the gp2x can't do that" (which often simply is wrong) and "The PSP / DS / Something is way cooler, because it is much more powerful" (which is even more wrong), and if you prove it's not that way, you're lying...

We're here to discuss about the gp2x, not bashing it.
This makes me sad and annoys me the same time... what happened?

Instead of being happy for every step the gp2x achieves and seeing how devs get more out of it each day, you bash everything, telling "the gp2x can't do that" - simply because the devs haven't figured out HOW to do that yet...

Oh boy... I'm wondering: What should I do?
Ban everyone with such annoying posts for a day? Ignore it?
Go away and never come back?

I don't know... I just don't want to read that anymore. And I don't know why some guys constantly do that - without even thinking about what they post...
What happened? Dark alex, PSX emu. Ever since then there has been PSP fever and instant Sony converts and fanboix. Unless the GP2X scene pulls out a miracle PSX emu at full speed too (impossible, we don't even have full speed *NES*) I think it will probably remain like this. People like to jump to the next coolest thing. Fullspeed PSX and GBA emus certainly do alot to creat buzz. The GP2X had potential for at least full speed GBA but that project seems dead (as most other emus seem to be too).
I own a DS and a PSP but the GP2X will always be my favorite because it is the only handheld that was designed to program for and that alone makes it better than anyother handheld on the market! All of the rest are not open sourced :( which in my opinion make the gp2x better in a lot of aspects.
I totally agree peeps.

It all depends on what type of gamer you are.

There are basically 2 catergories of gamers (IMO)

(A) if you were a gamer in the 80's - early 90's then gp2x is the way to go (speccy, amiga c64, atari etc, etc)
(Bee) Any later than this (psx, n64) onwards then i dont think the gp2x is for you.

i fall into cat (A) because i started in the 80's when speccy was about as good as it gets. I also believe that the gameplay was far better and lasted longer than present games.

I can remember going down town with £1 and buying saboteur II for the speccy that 1 game kept me going for 6 months (yes day and night :p ) try and do that now!!!

Yes i have a NDS,PSP, xbox 360 but none of the games keep me interested for nearly as long as they should.

Anyway that my View......
Some people might view the PSP emulation scene as underage drinking.. and the GP2X scene as a nice social drinking club :unsure: :unsure: :unsure:
For emulation, i don't understand it too.

The GP2X now has a good CPS-2 emulator, and it can be improved easily to run perfectly (it is an early port running with 44 Khz sound, with 16 Khz sound it will run 50 % faster for example). Thanks to the PSP emulator and the ??? coder.

The GP2X now has a decent GBA emulator, and it will work perfectly very soon thanks to Exophase and Zodttd.

The GP2X has an incredible SNES emulator, better than the PSP one, thanks to Squidge, Reesy, etc.

The GP2X has the best Sega Genesis / Megadrive emulator (Picodrive), thanks to Notaz and Reesy.

The GP2X has the best Neo·Geo emulator thanks to Pepone.

The GP2X has the best portable PSX emulator, in early stages yet, but faster than any other one (in the PC it already runs faster than EPSXE, pSX, etc). I think the PSX emulator by Sony for the PSP is not comparable because it is not really an emulator, it is running in a limited portable PS2 and it is backwards compatible with the PSOne.

And of course the GP2X has a good MAME port, better than the other handhelds ports.

In the future we could expect perfect CPS-2, perfect GBA, quite good PSX and probably some experiments with the N64 (it is not impossible, DaveC) and it is very likely to have a better and newer MAME port soon.

The PSP has crap controls and screen. And also illegal emulators scene.

The NDS has crap hardware for emulators. And also illegal emulators scene.

Definitively the GP2X has the best emulators and the best future.

The GP2X has decent quality and performance to get much more emulation projects, much more than the PSP.

Then, PSP kidies, please shut-up. :D
It's a shame what this has come to, it really is. A bunch of 15 year olds who got bored with their toy and want a shinier, newer one. If that's the case then just buy the new toy, get on with your life, and let the rest of us get on with ours. Trolling though is the smallest damage your ignorant trash does. Think of the fellas who coded gpu940, and who constantly work on it. Think about Zodttd and U-nai's massive efforts in regards to PSX emulation, and how you're indirectly dismissing their efforts without even thinking about it.

If PSX is what it's all about, the GP2X is obviously not for you. There's a reason why the GP2X was never targeted to the mainstream consumers, because look what happens when mainstream consumers buy it: they play along for a while, then start to bitch at an exponential rate. Screw off, if you hate it so much shut your mouth and get the hell out of here. How many GP2X enthusiasts troll PSP or DS forums? None. Goes to show what a grand community this is, and what a pimple on its face you are.

The GP2X was meant to be a 2D platform. There are no other 2D platforms on the market today, bar the GBA. This means a lot to many people, because it symbolizes a golden age of video games that may just get a chance to live on and reach more people, and perhaps even grow by means of original homebrew. Your bitching doesn't help. It annoys.

- Alex
Personally, I do prefer the DS because it has a decent battery (even 2500mAh batteries don't get the same effect on the GP2X) which is built in and you can just plug it in to recharge - no need to carry around loads of sets of batteries for a console which can last an entire day's worth of play :)

The stick is also rubbish for some emulated games I'd like to play on it (things that were designed for it tend to be fine) since I like platform games and quickly going into 'reverse' to stop isn't possible on the GP2X like it is on a d-pad. The NES emulator for the DS is the best I've ever used and if I want to play Sonic, I have to set up my Mega Drive to enjoy it (I sometimes do the same for the NES).

Other than that, the GP2X is fine for me :D It doesn't even come close to the DS's 2D graphical ability (though this is purely my opinion - I happen to like the tile/sprite way of doing things), but I can cope with that and it's fun to play around with the firmware and write some 'GP2X-exclusive' things for it.
Its has to be admitted its really odd, considering such interesting things such as opengl engine/egoboo have just appeared - demonstrating that the GP2x can do 3d, and not only that has just begun the embarkation in that direction. The Gp2x is a great piece of hardware. It has its faults but it is certainly not fatally faulted... With a bit of ingenuity it can do amazing things.

On many counts the PSP is better, but its Sony, expensive, doesn't have as good screen etc - it has its faults and strengths. Oh yes and it has explosive li-ion battery :) I don't know, seems people aren't sure of what a gp2x is about. Its not a Psp/ds/ commercial games console replacement - is it? It seems to me that the best thing about the GP2x is that I can whatever I want with it - without having to hack it to bits, buy expensive memory cards/ card adapters, or look Sony in the eye every two secs cause I'm not doing what they want me to do with their console.

Can we come up with a clear statement why someone should choose a GP2X instead of mentioned other consoles, or as well as other consoles? I know I got one for four reasons, one I didn't have enough money for a PSP/ DS + flash card reader stuff. Two, I thought it would be much easier to get it to do what I wanted it to do and play around with/customise(I think it probably is). Three, I had a bad run in with a Sony minidisc player that I couldn't get my own music off except via analog methods. Four, I was confident that the GP2x hardware was fairly good(I believe it is).

In short I'm not bothered by superior emus on the PSP, DS or the possibility of better homebrew.

A portable PSX would greatly enrich the experience though, it would be the only reason I would ever consider buying a PSP. I come from a PC direction (never had a console as a child), so I don't like paying 50E for games. PSX has loads of cheap decent games, hence its attraction.

I hope I haven't bought a GP2x for the wrong reasons... Btw the direction some threads have gone is probably due to the lack of tyranny. Also post Christmas let down, everything seems bad about now... Or something.

Edit; Ohh I like the way this thread is going. As another note the GP2x also is getting me plenty of linux experience - vital for doing things with embedded devices. The Gp2x has plenty of potential too.
Trolls are always gonna be around. Its the same with people who jump ship to the PSP & DS. All we can do is learn to live with it. I havent recieved my GP2X in the post yet. But when I do, I plan on learning to code with it and getting some stuff out there.
ED: High Five
Most of the rest of you: Stop bashing the PSP just because of the hype over the recent ps1 emu.
Im a newcomer to the GP2X and it was an 'impulse' buy for me. I had a couple of hundred quid to spend and had pretty much decided on an external hard drive. Then I seen an ad on b3ta and on-the-spot ordered one.

Heres why : it plays video, it plays MP3s and it had mame.

It was only after I placed my order I realised what I really got. I knew I was getting a devkit but Ive had phone devkits before and they were either crippled or so hard to use/set up/understand that it wasnt worth the effort so I wasnt holding out much hope. But the GP2X devkit worked 'out the box'. And was as good as anything Ive used in the past (anyone remember PDS for DOS that you wrote assembly for Z80, 68k and 8086?)

There is a thriving homebrew scene and in the short time Ive been here some truely excellent ports. I love the 'hobbyist' aspect here - and dont confuse hobbyist with amateur - they are real labours of love.

For me, it does everything I was told it would do. And a lot more.
I can see this thread degenerating into a slanging match. Unless the law was changed when I wasn't looking, there's no law against preferring the GP2X/PSP/DS.

May be the mods should start closing any threads that get out of hand and/or may be a "my console is better than your console" forum could be added for the rest of us to ignore.
I am also new to the GP2X (upgraded from GP32).
I cannot believe all the achievements everyone has done with coding, porting, etc... and all for mostly nothing (some donations, bid deal) so that others can use their software for their own pleasure. I've had mine now since X-mas and everyday there is new free software or upgrades. I think the coders need more support and positive feedback. What one person views as crap is a godsend from someone else. I say keep up the great work. Thanks for all in the community for giving us smiles every time we play a retro game, homebrew idea, port, and so on. My hats of to you.
Time is a pretty important factor in the argument of what the gp2x can or cant do.

Foss gives time aplenty for enthusiast,hackers,devs to make progress on the gp2x platform.

The enthusiast,hackers,devs who are thinking that hardware platforms will in some magical way enable "superior" software by itself is pretty stupid guys posing as smart ones.
Honestly, the PSP PSX emu is gonna burn out sooner or later.

I know times have changed, and things seem pretty foolproof now.

However, I also had a PSP myself, about a year ago. If there's one thing I learned from owning one, it's not to underestimate sonys ability to ruin a good thing.

Besides, I'd personally rather not have the kind of people who ask 'ZOMG WILL XBOX RUN ON MY GP2X!!'

Good riddance, seriously.

I think we just need a bigger crowd of people who know and appreciate the hardware that they've received. I know I do.
If it's a problem for the site owners/mods then the whole situation could probably be killed with just a couple bans. Unless of course you're including those of us that have been enjoying our recently rejuvinated PSP's in the Other Consoles section.

I'm not sure why some people feel threatened by progress on the PSP. It's a good thing for the GP2x because it results in new ports. So what if a dev is having some fun with the PSP right now. It's highly unlikey they will abandon the GP2x and go dev for the PSP, and if anything they might get inspired to improve the GP2x ports.

I think the recent praising of the PSP/PSX emu has given a bit of fuel to the GP2x haters. I also think it's important to differentiate between the GP2x haters and those of us that just enjoy our PSP's.
Curse you people who posted about age being an issue... I'm not so far past my mid-teens, and I love this place. My first console was the Sega Saturn, So I'm not particularly retro, either. But I still enjoy emulators and homebrew as much as the rest of them. I was attracted to the GP2X simply as it was the sequel to the GP32. I knew what to expect and I got it.

I'm unsure about the folks who are bigotry regarding their consoles... I wouldn't be surprised if the majority of them don't even own a 2X. I don't think this is really a gp2x vs psp issue, just a few zealots trolling for reasons byonde a regular humans understanding.
Time is a pretty important factor in the argument of what the gp2x can or cant do.

Foss gives time aplenty for enthusiast,hackers,devs to make progress on the gp2x platform.

The enthusiast,hackers,devs who are thinking that hardware platforms will in some magical way enable "superior" software by itself is pretty stupid guys posing as smart ones.

Spot on. I dont think the limits are close to being reached yet.

And as a coder : more hardware = longer development cycle.
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