What's Up With You Guys?

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There are a few guys who like to Hijack any thread or simply try to bash down the gp2x, without even thinking about anything.

Is there a Sony or Nintendo brainwash going on?
No, people just have differences of opinion. Everyone who isn't crazy about the GP2X isn't a rabid PSP or DS fanboy. That's a very closed-minded point of view. Different people may have divergent opinions, and that is something you have to accept. Banning people and locking topics whenever they drift from the topic of how awesome the GP2X is, is completely unacceptable.

I'm not against different opinions. I accept it, and I also say the gp2x has flaws, like every other device.
But there's a difference:
You use EVERY single thread to post how bad the gp2x is, what you don't like, etc.
That's the same as the fanboys you don't like - just in the complete other direction. You could call it Anti-Fanboy.
I never had anything against criticism (and I guess most guys don't have).
I just have something against BASHING a system (without even knowing better!) at EVERY single occasion, be it off-topic or not.

And if you haven't understood that yet, I think even a GP32 might be able to emulate your brain... 'cause coding a bashing simulator which just tells randomly at each thread everybody "SNES can't be emulated, cause the stick sucks... and the 940 won't help either, 'cause it can't be used" is not really a hard thing to code...
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i find the psp screen to be blurred, my psp is 1 yr old and my sons 2 weeks and it has the same problem, even the new tomb raider game looks aweful, with bell bottom motion legs , it's like playing the game in slow motion some times...mines back in the drawer to i figure out how to run emus and homebrew on it, it was the first time in months that i got it out to play the games my son got at christmas with his new psp and the seam problem is in all the games i have tryed, its like there pushing the machine to hard to get fancy graphics and ignoring the fact that your character looks shit when he\she it moves......were as the gp2x keeps on giving me more and more reasons to love it....before xmas things were drying up on the new releases like games \ emus \ applications etc....then in the first week of the new year - bang everything has gone crazy with games , emus coming from nowhere,,,im in gp2x pigshit heaven ......
Didn't bother reading this thread (outside of ED's first comment), but I agree. GP2X isn't trivialized just because the PSP has a (awesome) PSX emulator. Though I'm quite sure if the GP2X also had a dedicated, paid staff of coders working on a PSX emulator everyday, one just as good could be available on the platform.

Good news for people assuming the GP2X is dying--I haven't notices significant fall in daily traffic to my site. :) Speaking of which.. I really need to update that.
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