For the future Nintendo 3DS owners: What games are you going to pick up?


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Mar 8, 2008
As the subtitle says, I'm just idly curious here... If you're one of the folks planning on getting a Nintendo 3DS, what are the games on your must-have list?

Mine are as follows. (I have a "maybe" list, as well, for games that I'm waiting to hear others' thoughts on once they're out there, but that's not relevant here. :p )

Animal Crossing 3DS - I love Animal Crossing: Wild World for the DS, and was disappointed in how the Wii update (Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City) removed numerous key features and tried to rely on regular internet play, which didn't work (Animal Crossing's multiplayer stuff has always been complementary to the experience, and trying to build a game around that primarily broke it badly). What I've seen so far seems to indicate that Animal Crossing 3DS seems to have more in common with Wild World, along with a fairly different setup to the previous games (in the other games, you're a new resident in the town - in this one, you're brought in as the new mayor and have to run the town), and an overhaul of the looks and interface, so this one was the first on my list.

Star Fox 64 3D - When comparing Star Fox 64 to the original Star Fox (along with the unreleased Star Fox 2, both of which Star Fox 64 retconned out), I actually think that Star Fox 64 is a mediocre game. However, on its own merits, when not comparing the Star Fox 64 series to the original Star Fox series, I think that it's a competent enough score-attacking title which (with the adjustments being made to the 3DS version - namely, game-saving) will probably be well-suited to handheld play. Ironically, it will probably be more suited to a handheld than the excellent Star Fox Command, which was actually designed for a handheld to begin with, but required at least a free half-hour or sometimes more in order to complete a mission (and defeat a boss if a mission had one). With any luck, the N64 original's broken multiplayer mode - which always came down to throwing tons of victories at whichever player could fly in circles fast enough - will be fixed and maybe have online play added, too ([daydream-mode] Of course, if they threw that out in favour of replicating the awesome multiplayer mode from Star Fox Assault, it would be ideal. [/daydream-mode]). Even if this doesn't occur, though, I'm still rather looking forward to this one.

Nintendogs + Cats - Much like Animal Crossing: Wild World, the original Nintendogs is one of my all-time favourites. If you're daft enough to be scoffing at that, I suspect you've never faced the challenge that is the frisbee competition. No, I'm not joking - it requires real technique, skill, training, and finding the right equipment hidden in the game's world. :p Anyway, the game's follow-up adds cats as well as dogs, and neat touches such as facial-recognition (your pets will come to recognise you, and may react negatively to seeing strangers), to add to and follow up on the original title's ideas.

Mario Kart 3D - I like Mario Kart (and I like Mega Man Battle & Chase, too, but that's a very different type of game and a whole other daydream :p ). I can't really think of much else to say here. :lol: I hope that the kart decals from Mario Kart DS return, but I hope that the control scheme here is made configurable - I found Mario Kart DS to be almost unplayable due to the unnatural way you're expected to hold the DS to play it!

Pilotwings Resort - A Pilotwings game set on Wuhu Island from Wii Sports Resort and Wii Fit Plus? Count me in. The aeroplane flyover in Wii Sports Resort is fantastic, and this is set to expand on that in a huge way. And who wouldn't want to fly around using a rocket-pack, anyway?

Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition - It's Street Fighter, and it's got all the usual Street Fightery stuff plus a neat trading-figure-game style mini-game available if you happen to walk past other people who also play the game.

MegaMan Legends 3 - "Why has Prometheus put a Mega Man game so far down in her must-buys list?", someone out there might be wondering. It's because I've been writing my list as games have been announced. :p Anyway, MegaMan Legends 3 is the long-awaited third installment in the MegaMan Legends series, which, for the unitiated, basically centres around treasure hunters known as Diggers, who explore caves in order to find crystals known as Quantum Refractors which are used in civilisation as an energy source. It's set to pick up where MegaMan Legends 2's cliffhanger left us around a decade ago. Also, anything that brings the return of the hilarious Bonne Family and their Servbots can only be a good thing.
Hopefully it's more like the first game than the second, though - the first had a decent grasp of its fundamentals and was great to explore, whereas the second was filled with "epic" "cinematic" "genius" and forced fluff, which seemed to take precedence over the game itself.

Cubic Ninja - An apparently side-scrolling platform puzzle game, where you have to guide a ninja (who happens to be a cube) out of a dangerous, trap-filled mansion. It sounds like it could be very addictive, and for some reason the trap setups I've seen remind me a teeny bit of Lemmings. Apparently it will also contain a level editor, which has the potential to turn out to be a fun complement to the game itself.

Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright - A recently-announced crossover between two popular series, which are both fundamentally puzzle and mystery based, Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright sees the pair transported to a strange medieval-style world, where a young girl stands accused of witchcraft, and where a strange man seems to be writing a book which seems to be becoming reality. It's been said that the developers are approaching it so that it can be viewed both as a proper Professor Layton title, and a proper Phoenix Wright one - I think it will be interesting to see how they carry this out.

A Boy and His Blob - This is (apparently) a follow-up to the recent Wii reimagining of the classic NES title, which was developed by WayForward and published by Majesco. With any luck it will follow in the Wii game's footsteps, as that title was an excellent 2D platformer, with some clever puzzles for the boy and his shape-shifting blob to tackle.

That's my must-have list so far - does anyone else have one?

EDIT: Damn. Due to its at one point uncertain status, I managed to forget A Boy and His Blob. It's now been added at the end. :p
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Animal Crossing

Star Fox 64

Mario Kart

Megaman Legends 3

Cubic Ninja

Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright

Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle

Dragon Quest (Maybe, I've only played IX, and I liked it)

Kid Icarus: Uprising

Kingdom Hearts

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Paper Mario
I'm still waiting for reviews of a lot of games, but I do know I'll be getting the Ocarina of Time remake. Probably Mariokart 3DS too, and I quite like the look of what I've seen of Steel Diver so far, oddly enough.
^ Steel Diver is one I'm waiting to hear more thoughts on. It has the potential to be rather good, I suspect.
hum, remove, animal crossing, nintendogs+cats, add zelda and you pretty have my list...

nice taste...

but I think i'll pass on the 3DS I'm investing too much in consumer electronics theses times... (I'll prolly get a cheap second hand units or a discounted unit later through...)
not gonna lie, unless the 3ds gets a flashcart, count me out
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definately getting a 3ds.Too many remakes on the horizon by the looks of things though.Something new and original maybe.
A Blue Nintendo 3DS Handheld (like my Bycicle, my Car, My Motorscooter, and my Nintendo GBA SP)

- Mario Kart 3DS

- Paper Mario 3D

- Pilotwings

- One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP

- The Legend of Zelda Okarina of Time

- Kid Icarus Uprising

- Apshalt 3D

- Saints Row

- Sims 3

- Animal Crossing

400€ Only for Games lol...
I plan on getting a Black 3DS.


Zelda, Super Street Fighter 4(will be 3 times Capcom have gotten money out of me for this game), Paper Mario, Mario Kart,

StarFox, Kid Icarus, Resident Evil and Megaman Lengends 3 and if it ever manifests a new F-Zero game (hopefully X in 3D). Thats on top of the home console games I want to's to winning the lottery! :p
I'm getting a black one, too. I was originally going to get the blue one, but whilst on the prototypes the slide-pad was coloured to match, this isn't the case on the final hardware. I don't think it looks bad, but I think it contrasts better with the black casing given that change. :p
Adding Level 5's upcoming game Time Travelers to my list.
Zelda OoT

Starfox 64

Super Mario, supposed to be a mix between 64 and Galaxy, sounds funky

BlazBlue Continuum Shift 2

Mario Kart

That's about it at the moment, they'll probably make a new pokemon game for it, like the special for Black and White, like they did with Gold and Silver, then Crystal came out for Gameboy Colour only, otherwise my money is fairly safe.