Dead Rising


Mar 28, 2006
Am I the only one who thinks the game is not that good at all, and NPCs look freakier than zombies in the game? They look just realistic and fake enough to give me chill. And, the constant loading surely is on my nerve, too. It gave names to all the characters and tells me x just died and y just died, while I simply don't care about them.
i only played the demo, not out in the uk till september 9th i think, demo dont really impress me although ive preordered it from amazon for the free dead rising face plate (its priced at £49.99!!!! just for the face plate). is the game any good?

edit: i know its not really to do with the topic but even though i thought id hate it (i dont like any gta games) im really impressed at the saints row demo, i think i'll be getting it.
I've heard of problems with the game it seems to be making Xbox 360's over heating cos there's to much on the screen at once i don't know if thats true.
but then the machines aren't built that good in the first place.

i've heard of people opening there 360 to find the plastic raping still on the heatsink.

The warrenty stickers behind the faceplate in the wrong place or even damaged without them even touching the thing.
I like the look of dead rising but with all these problems i think i'll get one for a long time.
piemaster posted on Aug 14 2006 at 02:36 PM said:
i've heard of people opening there 360 to find the plastic raping still on the heatsink.
The official statement was that that was intentional. I've never seen it, so I can't comment, but I would think that if it wasn't they would have done something about it; it would be a real hazard otherwise.
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Maybe Microsoft just didn't have enough time to train the child workers as they wanted the 360 out as soon as possible.
If the later 360's are built better i may consider buying one then when there cheaper