Am I The Only Person Alive Who Dislikes Nintendo?

I love nintendo

I love their games

Animal Crossing is such a great game and its new and original

and mario is just fun you don't really need a background on the characters like all the other ppl said you just assume their a new character

I know one thing nintendo did listen to was to port/remake the old Zelda games for the GCN I signed that partition :)

I still ocasinally play Perfect Dark but I only play my GP32 right now becuase I don't feel like paying for anythign new
c0ncept posted on Mar 5 2005 at 02:15 AM said:
Okay I'll give them the rumble packs, though they were laughably badly implemented on the 64. Insert memory card, remove memory card, insert rumble pack fucking ridiculous.

true, but most of the third party ruble packs had memory cards built in.

nothing still beats the PC keyboard and mouse..Hm...

depends on the game, imagine playing streetfighter with a mouse and keyboard...

4 player? nothing great either. PS2 has 2 ports and has outsold it by what 50 million units? I don't think that many people care or even play 4 player. I certainly never have.

this seems to be the crux of your arguments. "I don't like it/don't use it so its crap"
I wasted at least two hours a day for about a year playing goldenEye and even longer on perfect Dark playing four player. Four player is the best thing about consoles. Nothing beats getting three mates round a few beers and a round of goldenEye or super smash brothers.

How about nintendos old fashion ways? Crappy catridges with the N64, No DVD playback on the gamecube, expensive games on their handhelds, keeping the original GB going for 10 years. Porting old games. Re-using old franchises over and over
1. cartridges meant 0 loading times, I liked this. I didn't miss FMV at all (in fact I don't even like FMV, gimme real time cut scenes any day), the only thing that I did miss was really high quality music, but y'know I can live with out that as well really.

2.who gives a fuck about DVD playback, seriously the PS2 has the SHITTIEST dvd player in existence built into it. I mean the speech goes out of synch with the picture all the time its dreadful. Just get a DVD player, they're only thirty quid now.

Sure PS2 playback was shit, but people still bought it for it. Was it really that hard to slap together DVD playback on a gamecube, they still could have used their own disc format?

Sure every controller depends on the game. But mouse and keyboard work very well for a lot.

I didn't say 4 player is crap because I didn't use it, I said it was not missed. Getting 4 controllers is expensive...

I don't believe cartridges meant 0 loading times. I owned a 64 and Perfect Dark and numerous others had loading times.

I'll try and not be a "Dick" :p
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oohhh, I can't wait for the new 'realistic' zelda on the GC. Also RE4 looks AWESOME.

[edit] I've just realised what a fanboy I come off as in this thread. Don't get me wrong, I have all consoles and I actually don't like any of them more than the other. If someone came along and started knocking the ps2 I'd jump to its defense just as rabidly!
Then people were conned. Would it have been that hard to use a decent dvd player in the ps2. That bitterly dissapointed me.

And true, perfect dark DID have loading time. But imagine how long they'd be if it was a ps1 game!
I agree it was a very shite dvd player and people were conned. The ps one playback was pretty cool though.

And why did perfect dark have loading times? I thought ROM cartridges were instant?
backwards compatibility is always a good thing. I still play vib ribbon on my PS2!
And yes I am slightly annoyed that the GC doesn't use standard media, but as someone previously pointed out it does cut down piracy by a stupid amount. Anyway its the same with sony and the UMD...
Well I like a console to be able to do as much as possible (personal thing) and no new nintendo console does. I wish the DS had PC link up and used some sort of storage format.

The gamecube should have had N64 backward compatibility.

Although I heard Revelotion will have GC backward compatibility, theres a step in the right direction.
I would have loved for the GC to be backwards compatible, that would have made it clearly the best console in my eyes.

[edit] going OT again
Same if the Saturn did it would have been the best one for me :D But instead I bought a PS
I've NEVER had problems with the DVD playback on my PS2... what's this crap about the sound going out of sync with the video?? NEVER happened to me and I have a very early PS2. Also, I actually had a dedicated DVD player before I bought the PS2, a mid level one (I think I spent $200 or $300 for it about a year earlier) and I didn't see the PS2 as having inferior audio or video quality or anything like that. This was using both on a 27" Sony Vega Flatscreen TV connecting to the TV thru Component (five wire) cables. It worked well enough that to make space for a Tivo I sold the DVD player to a friend and haven't missed it.

maybe it's not the best player though really I have never heard another specific complaint about it other than this claim of out of sync sound... but anyways it works great for me and I like having one less box.

At any rate, since I own all three consoles and can play back DVD's on the PS2 or Xbox, I don't mind at all that the GC doesn't play back DVD's, and rather like the small sized discs and the resulting small size of the system. Gamecube is a great system but as with the N64, while there are some REALLY great exclusive games, there are too few of them.
I didn't hear about the out of synch thing either. I heard there was compatibility problems with some DVDs. I don't know as I didn't use my ps2 for dvd playback when I had it.....

every single zelda game has a backstory, with link having family members

and if u'd even touched Wind Waker (you probably didnt coz it was "KIDDY") then you wouldve have had the whole story explained in lames terms, which even you would understand

so, lets see what top selling ps2 games have backstories

Jak? hmmm NO
GTA? hmmm NO
NFSU? hmmm NO
and lets not forget the Final Fanatsy series, which connect together terribly, each ione on its own has a brilliant story, but they dont come together well at all
Um, Final Fantasy is a different universe in every game. They're not supposed to link (except FFX and FFX-2). Also GTA is a story-driven game, I think back-story was the wrong term. I thought they were complaining about the lack of narrative development in Zelda games, which is kind of true but irrelevant as the focus of the game isn't on narrative (As with traditional RPG's) but with immersion in a world, which it does very well.
and if u'd even touched Wind Waker (you probably didnt coz it was "KIDDY") then you wouldve have had the whole story explained in lames terms, which even you would understand

Sorry, you do not win the prize :rolleyes:

Where did link get a sister? why is he tiny again? why does it mention him growing up in the kokiri forest in OOT with no known family if wind waker is BEFORE then? Wait, in OOT it said he never left the forest before the whole great deku tree thing... OH SNAP THEN HOW COULD HE DRIVE A BIG BOAT AND SAVE HIS SISTER? And How does LTTP factor into all of this? and the GBC ones?

And how in the bloody HELL does Zelda 2 for NES factor into it?

Sorry, the zelda games do not click together well at all, it's like each game is other crazy guy in a pub's variation of the story, the only thing being consistant is link wearing a tunic and hitting things with a sword.

"If u'd tuched dem1!ONE" you might have realized they don't quite click either

And I love how you listed a racing game in the "backstory" arguement :p
Each Zelda game is supposed to be taken as a totally differant story, like the FF games. Mentions of older games are just there for novelty.
Rico posted on Mar 3 2005 at 01:14 PM said:
It would be best if you just assumed each Link in each game was different and therefore had no backstory, since Nintendo seem to be taking this approach with the series.
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The Zelda stories are merely a template for a game dynamic, the mystery of a boy who keeps appearing in strange worlds under the same circumstances but with no solid explanation is what keeps fans buying, in hope that one day they'll find out whats going on, also in the same way people kept watching dungeons and dragons, in hope that one day they'll get home.

The beauty of it lies in the fact that anyone can experience the same 'rescue the princess' scenario but in a flavour of their choice, without fear of isolation from a over complex back story wich would take months of digging through a retro games catalogue to catch up on. The younger market would find themselves pushed out from nintendo today if that were the case. I think you'll find that any relationship between the games is noticed by those who are over familiar with the series (very temtped to use the words fan boys) and alot of these 'links' between series are often over observations noticed only by those people who have orgasms when first entering the action replay code for the debug mode in OOT.

Anyway I'm losing the point and forgot why I was typing about this, people should just enjoy each game for what it is, and if people want to make over the top connections....write a fan fic!

Personally I'm quite fond of windwaker and a link to the past, but can't stand OOT.
I just started playing OOT from my new "Retro Drawer" (A drawer with a DC, Saturn and N64 in it), it is quite good but I preferred Link to the Past.
Ocarina of Time had a debug mode?!?


:D kidding, what does it do though? Why is it so cool? And finally POST THE CODE! I have OOT and an action replay and it never occured to me to put them together.
Also am I strange for really liking Majora's Mask. I really thought it was amazing

I wish I was more console savvy when I had my Saturn, the only good game I had for it was Loaded (which was SOOO cool when I was...hmmm, I don't know how old I was when I had a saturn...younger). What other decent games did the saturn have?
Not quite sure, google it.....basically it unlocks a beta version of hyrule field as a starting point. Apparently you can find some pretty interesting things but it's highly unstable and quite where near as impressive as FFVII's debug mode.....*orgasms* :rolleyes: