Casual Games On Openpandora [ Yes / No ]

Casual Games on OpenPandora [ YES / NO ]

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It seems to me that there is no hard division between "casual" and "hardcore" games. There are casual games, and hardcore games, but there are plenty of games (most games, even) that exist somewhere in the middle, perhaps toward one end or the other. You have games like Solitaire or Bejeweled on one end, and MMOs and FPSes and fighting games that require a huge time investment in order to achieve a competitive skill level on the other. However, you also have adventure games and simulation games and arcade games and platformers and any number of other genres that fall somewhere in the middle. I mean, people invest hundreds of hours in learning precise timings for fighting games, grinding levels in MMOs, and that kind of thing, but that has never held much attraction for me. At the same time, I enjoy long and involved adventure games (even text adventures), and RPGs, (especially ones that try to minimize the amounts of agonizing level grinding).

So, to return to the subject of the thread, I do enjoy casual games. I am not really willing to pay for ones at the extreme end of that spectrum, though - I have always been puzzled by the numbers of people that actually pay to play Tetris or Bejeweled or whatever on their cell phones. (This will probably not be a viable market on the Pandora, though, due to the number of these generic-type games already available for Linux. I doubt you would be able to find anyone who would pay for a Bust-a-Move clone when Frozen Bubble is already available, for example.)

(As an aside, I tend to not like multiplayer "hardcore" games, probably not least because the other guy seems invariably to have a lot more time to put into such things, leading to me getting spanked. It would be nice to have casual ones, though.)

And while the Pandora doesn't seem like a "casual" device insofar as it was probably designed by hardcore gamers with hardcore gamers as a primary audience, its flexibility does make it suited to all kinds of games.
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What the, it must be that time of the month again, and it begins with P wink.gif

?... Pay-day?:D yay!

Joking aside, does the Pandora strike you as a casual device based on first impressions? It sure didn't for me.

Maybe, i was just saying that it's good to have variety on what you use your console for...
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