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Mar 30, 2009
Calverton Maryland
I had to return my Pandora because a crack showed up in the top left hand corner of the case (near the topleft of the display). Beyond commenting that the customer service was extremely good, I'm thinking of adding a small, "L" shaped piece of foam rubber stick-on padding to the bottom left and bottom right corners of the case, on the edges of the keyboard, so it closes maybe just a little bit more softly. I think you've all seen the kind of thing I'm talking about, rolls of double-sided tape, with a thin bit of rubber in between. I'll be giving the otherwise light-beige color a slight coating of a black permanent marker (sometimes called "laundry" marker) so the modification will be nearly invisible, and if it's done, I don't expect I'll ever see another case crack. Maybe, because it's very cheap and very easy to do, maybe the Pandora folks might want to give the idea some consideration.
I've got a hairline crack right on the hinge on the left side. I don't know how long it's been there but I had the LCD purple/blue problem and ED fixed it about a month ago, so I'm wondering if it came back already cracked and I didn't notice till now.

I imagine this will only get worse with time, until eventually the screen snaps off altogether, but I really don't want to be without my Pandora again ATM. Does anyone know if OP actually have replacement cases now? I'd hate to send it off and then wait 2 months for it to be returned.
Mjlink said:
New cases seem better than the first round.

Peace & Pandora,


Hmmm, well, I've had my Pandora long enough to be able to say that this is the VERY FIRST personal machine I've had which is truly entertaining, in so many fields. I can operate the keyboard fast enough to where its an acceptable editing platform (I use vim & Terminal, usually keeping 5 terminals open at the same time and flitting about like a mad moth on meth. Now that I have Calibre operating, AI can also say that this is the very, very first platform I've had, of any size or makeup, where I can really sit back and enjoy reading books (mostly in either PDF or EPUB, but I'm flexible. Calibre automatically schedules the downloading of several different newpapers & magazines, so they're always ready. I have a 32G flash I boot from, and that gives me so much that I don't even need to vaguely consider adding a second flash. I'm actually sill only at 25% usage so far on that flash. I'm only disappointed that Pandora's production schedule has been so wretched, so most folks aren't going to be able to experience this fantastic platform.

My next goal will be to get music and dvd playback working. When I get that (recall that I have to build stuff like that myself, because I'm stubbornly requiring /usr/local be used for applications) then I might actually find myself at my final goal. Oh, yeah, final goal is to get my 800x600 head mounted display working, but that has to wait until Pandora video cables become available.
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