A Tale Of Quality Control... Or... How Sony Might

bast525 posted on Dec 24 2004 at 07:00 PM said:
*shrug* my GP was perfect minus the one 'defect' that is not even really a defect.

hey.. you guys think Sony would help me out at all if I were to contact them about this? Tell them I bought the thing on a business trip to japan or something, or a relative brought one back with them.... I mean... whether I'm 'supposed' to have the thing yet or not, I did buy it, brand new, it is still their product... shouldn't they be willing to fix the problem either way?

as long as you can provide proof of purchase then there shouldn't be a problem.

firstly talk to whoever you got the psp off, if they can't help get them to provide you with a water tight receipt and then talk to sony.
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Yeah this just makes me happy that I decided to wait until the US launch. At least then I can check out the system right at the store and exchange before I leave if I get one with dead pixels. I did that with the DS. I won't have one with dead pixels.
Plus I remember the dodgy Japanese PS2s when they came out, complete with skipping DVD playback and all. This was fixed for US launch. Hopefully the PSP will be too.
spray posted on Dec 24 2004 at 06:55 PM said:
dude, you just gotta accept that if you're an early adopter this sort of thing will happen.

if you'd have picked up one once it had been released in your region you could rectify these problems by simply returning it to the vendor.

at the end of the day, gadgets, like life, ain't perfect, you talk on how great gamepark is but people are constantly complaining about various problems with new units.

Thats pretty, harsh. Im mean isn't this what the test phase is all about? Working out kinks like this. Having these kind of glaring errors is kinda of unacceptable imho. If you pay for something you should get a qualtiy product no matter how long its been out.
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i used the phrase early adopter in context of someone who gets hold of something early, before he could reasonably get it in his or her own country.

then of course this problem becomes bunk-um as most people would have some form of warranty and the store would accept returns for clearly faulty products.
Sony kinda made it plainly clear that while the systems would be non-region for games, they strongly cautioned against buying from anywhere but your region because of the issue of regional quality control.
generalnmx posted on Dec 24 2004 at 09:39 AM said:
Blah posted on Dec 24 2004 at 12:32 PM said:
As in unopened stuff that's obviously got something wrong with it.
If it's unopened, how can you tell there's something wrong with it?

My Reply...

Look at the context:

Kop_007 posted on Dec 24 2004 at 09:05 AM said:
Blah posted on Dec 24 2004 at 04:04 PM said:
Alpha2 posted on Dec 24 2004 at 07:57 AM said:
Certainly sounds used to me.

I guess this is one argument for waiting untill it's released for your territory, atleast then you can return it to the store if there's a problem.

That isn't always ture, Wal-Mart wont let you really return anything, except food.

Do they accept it in vomit form?

Blah posted on Dec 24 2004 at 09:32 AM said:
As in unopened stuff that's obviously got something wrong with it.

----End Of Context----

As in, I was talking about food, sorta as a joke. You can sometimes tell if food is messed up without opening it...
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Alpha2 posted on Dec 25 2004 at 04:10 AM said:
Sony kinda made it plainly clear that while the systems would be non-region for games, they strongly cautioned against buying from anywhere but your region because of the issue of regional quality control.

What does that mean? That means Sony only wants the Japanese to have dodgy units? :blink:
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no, i think it's because they don't want to deal with returns from all around the world?
in any case, this news sucks. i hope they fix this stuff in time for the us release!
speaking of that..when can you preorder here? i better go check them online stores
na dont wait till its out in tthe us it will be old then and not as good and by the time it comes out here there will probably be a new psp2 comin out
CABBAGES posted on Dec 25 2004 at 02:51 PM said:
na dont wait till its out in tthe us it will be old then and not as good and by the time it comes out here there will probably be a new psp2 comin out


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Well that's crap... so their primary market (japan) are just expected to deal with crappy units? Doesn't sound right to me (though it's happened before).

These kinda of flaws are so glaring that I don't think there is ANY excuse for them. The dead pixel is tiny, so of little importance as it's almost impossible to spot (looks like just another speck of dust) but the stuff going on with this layer of whatever it directly on top of the LCD and all the dust INSIDE the system is just rediculous.

And you know... it's REALLY crappy if a company would say to anyone who bought their product from a different region "well we warned you not to buy from outside your region... you're screwed". That's a real shoddy way to do business.... if someone buys your product, no matter where they live, they should honor their warranty on that product. That little "For sale and use in japan only" label doesn't excuse them like that. And anyways... how the hell do you even say "for sale and use in Japan only"... what kind of crap is that??? How do you tell someone "hey even though you spent your own money and BOUGHT this product from us, we're going to tell you where you can and can't use it." Hey well... my system was originally purchased in japan and then resold to me, so they can shove that rule.

You know what? It's okay though... I've dealt with this kinda thing before... when the US ones come out, no worries, I WILL be getting this one replaced, and Sony WILL be getting this one back... I have other ways :D
thats the whole point though

them = huge, faceless multinational

you = one pissed off user without access to a completely legit warranty

the reason they state that its for use and sale in japan only is because (once they have more psp available) they will be able to begin some form of warranty based exchange for defective units.

they're not trying to unload a crappy first batch on the japanese market, they put systems in place to ensure that they are able to adequately deal with the return of defective units, unfortunately that means that its not advisable to buy a product prior to its release in your region.
im sort of forgot what this thread is about ? is it not about you getting a fucked psp ? if any of my psp`s were fucked i would just get another one sent from lik-sang.
finty101 posted on Dec 24 2004 at 12:52 PM said:
There are 2 differant builds of the American DS, one has a sort of protective layer over the touch screen, which when looked at from the right angle can make the screen look grainy, while the other has a completly clear screen.

I have the grainy one myself, but I'm glad if it keeps them scratches away.
i have the clear scratchy one which has scratches now and my brother has grainy Jap one which has no scratches no wobbly hinges unlike mine. Better responsive touch screen. I want Gbax to swap mine for a new jap one for the hinges that keep wanting to snap shut alone.

p.S. thanks for that info finty.
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Goity posted on Dec 26 2004 at 01:04 AM said:
oh and the controls are too slow unless you use the annoying touch screen
did it come with metroid? Damn you goity and your 3 week younger model. Oh well there is a big difference in scratch resistance between my brothers grainy one and mine with the loose hinges!
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I got one of the very first DS's.... got it 2 days before official release day, and yeah it scratched up pretty easily. My friend bought one same day and his also got scratched up pretty quick. My wife got one 3 days later, same deal with hers...

I just had Nintendo send me a new one to replace mine (had a dead pixel)... this was a brand new unit, presumably from whatever their latest batch is. I can't tell the difference looking at my wifes or this new one.

You know, now that you guys mention about Lik Sang, and I do know that they will replace defective units even on stuff like the PSP (or at least, we know they do on the GP)... I never though to contact the store I bought from first. I have a feeling they'll do nothing... most places around here that sell import stuff say right up front that this stuff comes with no warranty due to the nature of it being imported. But... well hopefully this place will take care of me. The guy there knows me and I've bought thousands of dollars worth of japanese games and systems from him in the past couple years, and NEVER had a problem with any of it or tried to return a single thing... hopefully he'll cover me on this. I'll find out tommorow, but don't expect to hear good news.
Update: well I called the store I bought from today, and as expected, he said there's really not anything he could do... "all sales are final" and such.

Well I did kinda get huffed at him and told him, you know, I've been coming in your store for years, and have spent a LOT of money there, buying just about every system to come out in the last 10 years as an import from him. I've never had trouble with any of these systems or import games that I've bought from him before. Luckily, he did recognize me the day I picked up the PSP, though I dont go in there very often anymore. As well, over the phone he remembered who I was (spending close to $1000 in one shot makes you stick out in ones mind I guess), and then took a different tone, and actually seemed concerned at that point.

So... he said the best he could do (better than the NOTHING he was going to do when I first called) is he'll contact his distributor in Japan and see what can possibly be done, as far as taking the defective unit in as an exchange. He said very bluntly to me that he didn't think it would happen immediately, with the systems being so short on supply and all (he himself had no more systems in stock... I had my wife call before me, just pretending to be a regular, non-defective-system-buying customer and ask if he had any), he didn't feel they'd be willing to just give me another one right away. Well... at any rate he would ask them and get back to me and thinks that maybe after the whole rush slows down a bit more (and presumably, when the systems aren't selling for such insane amount) that maybe they'd be willing to exchange me a new one. Well... we shall see.