C64 Emu (Frodo) more compatible / Bugfree


Dec 4, 2003
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Hi !

I still love these good old Commodore 64 games and would like to be able play more of them on the Frodo C64 Emu.

The Beta 9 runs 100% fullspeed but many games don't work properly. And there is a bug with attaching files (attach T64 file -> file browser -> play game -> reset emu, attachment gone/file browser sometimes crashes in emu).

When these points are corrected, it would be great !


I think frodo compatibility will never be perfect because of the version it was ported from has low compatibility.

I've not experienced the bug you mention before, but the new version of frodo combines the d64/t64 attach functions to one option - maybe it will also fix this bug?!

Personally, I would love frodo to be able to save the settings like button mappings and have menu options for keyboard and info bar - so that if you remap the shoulder buttons you can still access them

Also savestates is the big one - would be spanky but probably a big job so I won't hold out for them.... but just a load savestate would be good if nothing so that you can transfer them from the PC version of frodo???


mmm chatboard......
There are two different FRODO files availible - I was using one that didnt run most of the games, then I changed over to the other one (.FXE) and it runs a lot more. Another thing to think about is that there are several versions of a game out there on the net, so it could be the game image that is at fault.
ancipital is a shame - and weird as it works on frodo for the PC

i've had some weird probs with the new attach T64 option so i've got .prg and .d64 files and they work nice

savestates... chatboard... mmm indeed !