Frodo/vice2x Vs. Pocket Commodore 64


Still Fresh
May 4, 2006
Hi all. My first post here, but I've lurked periodically from time to time. :)

Before I ask my question, I may as well provide a little background...

I own a few handhelds, and have no issue with playing games on their native platform. However, the big sticking point for me has always been my inability to play games from my first and favourite computer: the Commodore 64. One day, way back when, I decided to hunt for a deal on an ipaq 1930, and buy Pocket Commodore 64 ( It's been fantastic being able to play M.U.L.E., Lords of Conquest, and various other titles whose gameplay holds up so well, even twenty years later!

However, two things that have always bugged me are: 1) As a former Palm user, I am not much of a Pocket PC fan or its Active Sync software, 2) the battery life is a bit too weak for my liking (I can't go through two games of M.U.L.E. in a row), and 3) I am using a PDA as a gaming device and the fact is the 4-way PDA controller is a major pain in the you know where (the thumb, of course ;)).

Despite the flaws in the Pocket PC hardware, the Pocket Commodore 64 software is awesome. It's commercial-ware, which in itself doesn't ensure quality, but the fact that so many people have paid $20 for it and love it to death really says something. Also, the ipaq screen is a lovely 320*240. I could play C64 games in their full-screen glory, with full sound, with no compromises (something that I could never do on a 160*160 Palm with Frodo unless I had a higher-end Palm).

Back then, I had decided that all other handhelds would always have paler implementations of the C64... that is, until I read up on the GP2X. Now, I am seriously considering getting one and selling my ipaq. I always admired the GP32 from afar, but could never justify the import purchase. But with rock-solid C64 emulation, a GP2X would be great to have (having versions of Flashback and Star Control 2 don't hurt, either!). It would be great to have a device that's really meant for games.

So here's my question: I am used to the performance of Pocket Commodore 64. Has anyone else by chance tried it on a Pocket PC, and can compare it to the GP2X versions of Frodo or Vice2X? I just want to make sure that what I can play now, I'll still be able to play, so I'm curious to know how solid these emus are compared to Pocket64.

I've wandered through various C64 emu threads and everyone looks to be very happy. But I'm wondering if it's a case where seeing an emu on YOUR platform with 80% functionality = true bliss. I would feel the same way, but the fact is I have access to an emu that's nearly 100% functional, which happens to be on an undesirable platform.

Any comments are appreciated, but particularly from those who've used Pocket Commodore 64.

Many thanks...

p.s.: As a benchmark, some games I've played with Pocket Commodore 64 include:
Law of the West
Little Computer People
Heart of Africa
Lords of Conquest